Aquarius horoscopeAquarius Weekly Horoscope 14 – 20 April 2014

Aquarius people are protected by the difficult configuration made on the sky, because they don’t make important aspects with the planets involved. Still, they may be affected if they have the Ascendant or other important planets on those points, but to know that one must know the personal horoscope.

The difficult aspects made by Mars, Uranus, Pluto and Jupiter reach a maximum this week, because all the planets will be almost at 14 degree in their sign.

It will affect very much Aries, Libra, Cancer and Capricorn, especially those people born between 1-10 days of April, October, July and January.

Mercury will also pass this difficult area and has the capacity to bring problems by words, information, discussions, lack of attention. It may very well suggest a bad word, a lie, a diversion, a provocative action that may trigger a whole conflict. It is the spark that will open the fire.

Aries will be in the center of attention and they may create the whole action/conflict of the week. They are rebellious and don’t obey. They are aggressive toward others and that may be felt by their partner too.

Libra is also a sign under siege with Mars there. It is unusual for Libra, they feel trapped in this clash, but they will act. They can become aggressive too, which is not normal for them, but now it is not an usual situation. So, don’t provoke Libra because they will act quick and that will hurt.

Capricorn and Cancer are also very affected by this aspects. They have problems at work, but also in their family. They don’t know how to recover, they don’t really understand what it’s happening.

Cancer should find the best solutions with Jupiter in their sign. They may find some spiritual activities, some illumination from other sources. They try to progress and to understand, and may succeed in a way. It is hard for them too, but maybe they will understand more.

Venus in Pisces will make good aspect with Jupiter and Saturn and that will bring happiness, love, romance, good meetings for Pisces, Cancer and Scorpio.

This is a good aspect for Taurus too. They will meet friends and make plans. They will prefer to spend time in a friendly and comfortable place.

For Aquarius and Leo should be a good sign for money.

Virgo should have a good week in relations. Very good understanding with the partner.

1. Sun sextile your Sun - especially for Aquarius born between 11 – 21 February

Courage, optimism, motivation. Hope, confidence. You will meet with your friends more than usual. You like to read, to be informed, to listen.

2. Saturn square your Sun – especially for Aquarius born between 6 – 18 February

At work there are high expectations. There is no place for joke or superficial activity. If you don’t manage the expectations, you’ll have to go, it’s that simple.

You will face some limitations and restrain your activity. You may have a difficult time with people or institutions that have the power and which will impose some limits and restrain you. It is sure that you can’t do any more what you liked to do, you can’t enjoy life like you used, but you have to what limit, constrains, responsibility, sustained effort means.

If you don’t understand these easily, you risk to be forced in a certain way, you risk to attract difficult events on you. You may become a very respected person at work or a victim, depends on you.

You will feel challenged by the events. Maybe it’s time to let go some parts of your personality that prove useless. Maybe it’s time to renounce at some of your common activities that prove superficial.

You have the power to meet the expectations. Try to concentrate on what it’s really successful, even that means limitation.

3. Jupiter in Cancer, Pluto in Capricorn – especially for Aquarius born between 29 January- 9 February

You may face some psychological problems that you were not really aware. It brings up aspects of your life that were buried in your psyche. Now you have to deal with it. Maybe you must talk with a therapist.

You should try to understand those unconscious problems in order to resolve them. If you don’t recognize and try to deal with those issues, it will become obsessions.

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