Astrology_And_The_Causes_Of_War.jpgJamie Macphail was the student and friend of Charles Harvey, author of Mundane Astrology. Initially he wanted to write an update to Mundane Astrology, but realizing that is hard to improve such an excellent book, he wrote Astrology and the Causes of War and published it in 2006. The book is based on his previous articles published in the Astrological Journal. Until 2011, it is his only astrological book and is the only comprehensive, detailed study on this interesting subject.



In this part the author presents several important thoughts about mundane astrology. For example, he believes that with mundane astrology we can foresee wars and even avoid them (!): "It is my view that, almost invariably, the folly of war can be readily anticipated in advance through the study of the relevant astrological charts.". Probably we can foresee wars, though not many wars were foresaw by astrologers, but to avoid them with astrology… this seems more like a illusory hope. He also presents short and relevant descriptions for the planets, houses, aspects and other key points in mundane astrology.    

1. The Falklands War – 1982


The Falklands Islands are placed in South Atlantic near Argentina, a country which all the time claimed sovereignty over this territory. The Falklands were occupied by different powers like Spain, France, Britain and Argentina, until 1833 when Britain re-established their rule here. The oil reserve near the island could be an important reason of the interest for this area.


Before the war there were many years of negotiations between Britain and Argentina about the issue of sovereignty, but in spite of the previous signals given by Argentina, Britain was taken by surprise when the war started as "British didn’t really believe that Argentina would take such a precipitated action." Still, on 2 April 1982 Argentina invaded the Falklands, at the order of General Galtieri. On the other side, Britain was under the power of Margaret Thatcher, "The Iron Lady". For both leaders the war was a chance to regain people confidence as in both countries they were falling in popularity. After Britain won the war in only two months, Galtieri was removed from power and Margaret Thatcher won the elections. 


Astrology analysis

The author uses many techniques to analyze the event which makes the text confusing. For this example I will present all the analyses he makes in order to help the readers to have an idea about how the analyze is made. So, we have the following interpretations:

- Lunar eclipse (9 January 1982); Solar eclipse (25 January 1982); 

- Aries ingress (20 March 1982)

- UK 1801 natal chart – resonance with Lunar eclipse on 9 January 1982; UK 1801 natal chart – transits; UK 1801 natal chart – Solar return for 1982; UK 1801 natal chart – Lunar return April – June 1982; UK 1801 secondary progressed chart for 2 April 1982

- Argentina natal chart – transits; Argentina natal chart – Solar return; Argentina natal chart – Lunar return April – June 1982; Argentina secondary progressed chart for 2 April 1982;

- Solar eclipse 21 June 1982

- Lunar eclipse 6 July 1982

- President Leopoldo Galtieri’s natal chart; President Leopoldo Galtieri’s natal chart – transits; President Leopoldo Galtieri’s natal chart – solar return; President Leopoldo Galtieri’s natal chart – lunar return; President Leopoldo Galtieri’s secondary progressed chart; President Leopoldo Galtieri’s natal chart resonance with eclipses of January and June/July 1982

- Margaret Thatcher’s natal chart; Margaret Thatcher’s natal chart – transits; Margaret Thatcher’s natal chart – solar return; Margaret Thatcher’s natal chart – lunar return; Margaret Thatcher’s secondary progressed chart; Margaret Thatcher’s natal chart resonance with eclipses of January and June/July 1982

- Argentina/UK Composite chart – transits; Argentina/UK Composite chart resonance with eclipses of January and June/July 1982


After reading 28 chart analises and at least 200 aspects do you think you’ll know what was relevant for this war? I tell you that will be hard. The problem is that the author doesn’t select the important and relevant aspects. He also uses very much Chiron, Node North and aspects like sesquisquare (135) and quincunx (150). In order to simplify this I will write only about some of the aspects that seemed important for the nature of events.

For the Falklands War the following aspects are very important

- the Lunar Eclipse (19 Cancer) of 9 January 1982 fell exactly in conjunction with the natal Moon (19 Cancer) -10th house- from the UK 1801 chart, near Argentina natal Sun (17 Cancer) and in opposition with Argentina natal Moon (20 Capricorn).

- Saturn in transit (19 Libra) when the war started was in square with the natal Moon of the UK 1801 chart, natal Moon Argentina chart (20 Capricorn) and Lunar Eclipse.  

- Saturn in transit (19 Libra) conjunct Margaret Thatcher natal Sun.