astrology test

Can astrology tests help me?

Yes, because you don’t want to lose any chance to see how astrology works in practice, in well determined situations, in real life.


If you want to progress in astrology and to get a deep and real understanding of the astrological symbols, then you must see how the theory and principles learned are applying in practice. Maybe they are not applying!


You must get a realistic approach to astrology, is very important, because, in astrology, is very easy to be fooled. Sometimes is very hard to get a realistic view, because you must fight against yourself, against a part of you that, unconsciously, defends the easy, nice, but wrong astrological theories which make astrology look bright, perfect, easy to apply. It is natural for us to choose the easy way. Unfortunately, in most cases this is not the good way.


So, if it is so difficult, what can we do to select the right astrological principles or theories? Test these astrological theories in practice! Again, again and again! Until you’ll be convinced they work!


For this purpose we will propose you some types of exercises like:

1. Select the right chart for a person (having 5 charts and a person described).

2. Select the right profession for every person (having 5 astrological charts and 5 professions).

3. Select the person who participated in that event (having an event and 5 astrological charts).

4. Astrological questions.


Send the answers with the astrological explanations by email to For every correct answer will be awarded a number of points and, in this way, we will keep a table with our performances. I think this will be interesting!