Sun with Neptune: Inspired by Gods


I know it sounds strange, but, usually, the events generated by this aspect are not normal at all! And are suggesting something like a privileged relation with another world, a capacity to communicate (usually uncontrolled) with something… different than our material world. The range of manifestations (presented in books) is compounding features like spiritual, religious or mystical activity, lack of initiative, ego weakness, practical inefficiency or some kind of inspiration for people like painters, poets or artists.


Example no.1: Dreaming the Future


Empirical Astrology


In this section you can find some well-defined astrological aspects and their results. For example, we will see how the Sun-Uranus conjunction manifested in a person life, or the Sun-Neptune conjunction or any other interesting aspect. I think will be good to analyze only the aspects that are important in the selected charts because their effects will be easier to distinguish.


My objective is to build here a database with the astrological aspects and their real manifestation in life, something different from the general theory that we can find in books. I want people to come here, looking for a specific aspect, and to see another 100 examples of that aspect, with similarities and differences, and to understand why at one person is manifesting in a different way, why are those differences in manifestation or why the likeness is kept between those two examples.


List of case studies:

1. Sun with Neptune: Inspired by Gods

2. Dominique Strauss-Kahn accused of sex attack