Ukraine protests, Yanukovych defeat – astrology

ukraine-protest The protests from Ukraine began in 21 November 2013 and demanded European integration.  The protests had been fueled by the perception of widespread government corruption, abuse of power, and violation of human rights in Ukraine and I linked them with the Uranus – Pluto cycle.

As protests grow, leading to more that 70 dead people on 19-20 February, president Viktor Yanukovych left Kiev, the opposition leader Yulia Tymoshenko was released and elections were set by parliament for 25 May.

To understand better the events and what is the context of this whole event we will present some astrological points of view.

The most used astrological chart for Ukraine is set for 24 August 1991, Kiev, BGT -3:00. This is the inner chart. The outer chart represents the transits for 22 February 2014.

Ukraine transitsWe can see that the aspects between Uranus, Pluto and Jupiter are in important positions on Ukraine chart.

– Ukraine has Uranus and Neptune on the Ascendant, and transiting Uranus from Aries is squaring natal Uranus;

– Uranus in transit is in the 4th house, the house of people and that make people uprise.

– Pluto in transit is on the natal Ascendant and natal Pluto and that shows a fundamental and tragic change in this country;

– Jupiter in opposition shows the political involvement, the foreign involvement (Russia and the European Union are the two main powers that want two attract Ukraine, and this is in fact the reason for the uprising);

So, this is another example were the Uranus – Pluto cycle characteristics are obvious: rebellion against authoritarianism, freedom against oppression, to fight for the individual rights against the system.

Uranus is represented by the people who protest, by the leader of the opposition, by the European Union dream, and Pluto is represented by the president Viktor Yanukovych and Russia.

Below it is the natal chart of the president Viktor Yanukovych (inner chart) who seem to lose power these days (22 February 2014) and the astrological transits for 22 February 2014 (outer chart).

yanukovych transits – he is a Cancer with Uranus and Mercury in Cancer and has the Ascendant in Libra and Mars in Libra;

–  obviously he is very affected by the current aspects on the sky with Pluto opposing his Sun, Mercury and Uranus;

– Uranus squares his natal Sun and is in the 7th house;

– Mars is also in a very important point conjunct his natal Mars;

– we can expect that this situation to become worse for him as Uranus and Pluto are not yet in close aspect with the Sun;

– as Mars will stay in Libra several months we can see that the situation will become even more dangerous for him;

It seems that Viktor Yanukovych will try to fight even more for his position and that he will not let things as they are now. It is a really dangerous game for him right now because he has a lot of difficult aspects. The only good aspect is Jupiter in Cancer, but I don’t think he can represent much good for him if we analyze the whole context.

Simona Halep in the Final at Doha – astrology

simona-halep  Simona Halep Astrology Chart

Simona Halep is born on 27 September 1991 in Constanta, Romania. We don’t know the hour of birth, so will use 12:00 hour and Solar houses.

Now (16.02.2014) she is placed on the 10th place WTA.

The birth chart will look like:

– she has a Sun – Mars conjunction in Libra, a good aspect for a sportive, even it’s in Libra and that causes some problems; we will talk about this other time;

– Venus, the ruler of the Sun, is well places in Leo; gives interest in sport and games; creativity also;

– Mercury is very well in Virgo and in a large conjunction with Jupiter, but very well aspected; takes quick decisions, very smart, can use very intelligent the surface of the tennis field; skill in hands;

– I think Mercury and Jupiter in Virgo are some key points in her sport performance and we will analyze those positions in the future.

 Simona halep Transits

Now, we will see the astrology transits that will be at the estimated time when the final will start. This will be for 16.02.2014, 18:00 local time (15:00 GMT), Doha, Qatar.

simona halep doha final astrologyAbout the transits that we see in the chart, I think we can make some observations:
– the Moon is in Virgo, and I consider this a strong statement for a win, as I said before that I think the planets in Virgo are key positions in her tennis career;

– she will be calculated, concentrated and will succeed to realize what she plans;

– another important aspect is the Ascendant which is placed almost exactly on Jupiter at the beginning of the final, which clearly is a good sign;

– the time when the Ascendant will be on the Moon I think will be decisive and possible very good for Simona Halep and that will be at 18:50, so approximately after 50 minutes in game;

– we can also see here the Moon in transit as a connecting point between Mercury and Jupiter, as it’s on the midpoint of those two planets; that clearly enhances the conjunction and makes those planets work better together;

– it can manifest as very good control in the game, very accurate hits and very good solutions that will be found by Simona in game;

– another good aspect is at 19:40 when the Ascendant will be on Mercury. If the game will be over by then, it is possibly to be a moment of communication or when she will receive the trophy!

Angelique Kerber don’t have any planets in Virgo, she has Venus in Pisces at 3 degrees, which will be on the descendant at the beginning of the match. I think it’s a bad sign. Also she has Mercury in Aquarius, and Mercury is retrograde right in Aquarius, which is also a bad point that could lead her to take some wrong decisions during the game.

As a conclusion, we can see that the aspects show a good match and a win for Simona Halep.

Update after the match started:

– Simona won the first set at 18:44, with the Ascendant on the Moon; everything worked as we anticipated until now;

– Simona won the match at 19:19! Great match!

Michael Schumacher accident

schumacherMichael Schumacher suffered a head accident while skiing on the slopes of the French Alps in Méribel, at 29 December 2013, 11:07 local time (10:07 GMT). At this date, 05.01.2014, he is in a medical induced coma and no predictions can be made by doctors about his future evolution.

As you will see, the astrological context was and still is very difficult for him, as he was “caught” by the grand cross made by Pluto, Uranus, Mars, Sun, Jupiter and Mercury on the sky.

Neptune – Pluto cycle


Neptune – Pluto  is a cycle of 300 – 500 years characterised by:


Neptune – Pluto current cycle:


1.    1891 – 2385, 9 Gemini – first conjunction on 3 August 1891

General delineation

The current Neptune – Pluto cycle (chart of the cycle is the picture below) has the following characteristics:





a)    First conjunction (1884 – 1899) – Neptune conjunct Pluto in Gemini

– Fall

b)    First square (2055 – 2071) – Neptune in Gemini (Cancer) square Pluto in Pisces (Aries)


c)    Opposition (2131 – 2147) – Neptune in Sagittarius opposes Pluto in Gemini




Neptune – Pluto previous cycles


2.    1398 – 1891, 4 Gemini – first conjunction on 22 June 1398


a)    First conjunction (1391 – 1406) – Neptune conjunct Pluto in Gemini

b)    First square (1563 – 1578) – Neptune in Gemini (Cancer) square Pluto in Pisces


c)    Opposition (1637 – 1654) – Neptune in Scorpio (Sagittarius) opposes Pluto in Taurus (Gemini)


d)    Second square (1810 – 1825) – Neptune in Sagittarius (Capricorn) square Pluto in Pisces (Aries)


3.    905 – 1398, 28 Taurus – first conjunction on 21 May 905


a)    First conjunction (898 – 913) – Neptune conjunct Pluto in Taurus, Gemini

b)    First square (1070 – 1084) – Neptune in Gemini square Pluto in Pisces


c)    Opposition (1143 – 1161) – Neptune in Scorpio (Sagittarius) opposes Pluto in Taurus (Gemini)


d)    Second square (1317 – 1332) – Neptune in Sagittarius square Pluto in Pisces


Neptune in mundane astrology


The meaning of Neptune in mundane astrology:

– ideal society, socialism;

– religion; a mystical vision;

– feelings, union, to blend, to dissolve, denial of the ego, confusion, deception;

– it manifest through fashion, glamour, art;

– Uranus means ideas, ideology, Neptune means feelings.


Institutions and people which represent the process symbolised by Neptune:

– people who promote new visions, dreams, ideals, mystics;

– people who cheat and bring confusion, deception.


Historical events symbolised by Neptune:


Saturn in mundane astrology


The meaning of Saturn in mundane astrology:

– how the society is organised, the current structure;

authority, the State and his institutions, the legal system, order;

– conservative forces, forces which resist change, tradition;

– repressive and control forces;

– the collective ideas, actions symbolised by Uranus, Pluto or Neptune get a real form when they meet Saturn.  


Institutions and people which represent the process symbolised by Saturn:

– all institutions which create rules, restrictions, laws;


– agriculture, mining, real – estate.

Pluto in mundane astrology


The meaning of Pluto in mundane astrology:


– the power to change through transformation as any system comes to the period of decay, death and rebirth;

– psychotic outbreaks in the collective unconscious;

– autocracy, control; power, how to be in power, how to retain power;

– manipulation of the masses, politics;

– corruption, terrorism, organised crime, mass murder, kidnapping;

– violent, dramatic experience in order to fundamentally transform the society; Pluto was discovered when the Third Reich was rising, the Nazi Germany was related with Pluto by many astrologers;

– Hermetism and depth psychology, lost knowledge which is rediscovered, secrets which are revealed.



Institutions and people which represent the process symbolised by Pluto:

– hidden, secret organisations;

– archeologists;

– criminals, terrorists;

– politicians, actors, propagandists.


Historical events symbolised by Pluto:

– the period when Pluto was discovered (1930): the rise of the Third Reich (1933);


Uranus in mundane astrology


The meaning of Uranus in mundane astrology:


– spirit, thought, mental, new ideas that erupt in the collective;

– ideas, creativity, innovation, ideas a little too advanced for the world at that time;

– a different philosophy, social order, atitude, idea which is not yet accepted in the society, it is rejected or it’s seen with reticence;  ocult or hidden activity; this is very well described by the cycle Saturn – Uranus, between what is accepted in the society (Saturn) and what changes the system (Uranus);

– an ideology, vision of social organisation that will create a perfect society and eliminate the old, inferior elements;

– radical changes, intolerance, it accepts very hard different ideas;

– revolutions, upheavals, reforms;

– courage, strong will, desire to be in front, to receive public attention;

– strikes and other similar activities which create pressure (even with violence) in order to meet the goals;

– freedom, democracy, independence;

– politically represents the right wing, but can also represent autocratic regimes.


Institutions and people which represent the process symbolised by Uranus:

– political and social organisations which militates agains the system, which propose moderate or radical reforms;

– reformers, inventors, rebels, activists;

– prophets, visionaries.


Historical events symbolised by Uranus:

– the period when Uranus was discovered (1781): the dawn of the technological age, The French Revolution, The American Revolution;

– The Bolshevik Revolution. 

Jupiter in mundane astrology


The meaning of Jupiter in mundane astrology:


– economic, political, religious issues;

– to understand, to believe in something with confidence and optimism;

– common values and belief systems;

– idealism and over – confidence can lead to unachievable targets, illusory hopes;

– liberalism, tolerance, moderation, morality, imperialism.


Institutions and people which represent the process symbolised by Jupiter:

– judiciary, church

– wealthy people, priests, people recognised for their moral character,

Uranus – Neptune cycle


Uranus – Neptune is a cycle of 140-170 years characterised by:

– profound philosophical, political and religious changes;

– brings new elements (discoveries) in our life that will change the way we perceive the reality, the world;

– new ideas that change the way we perceive religion, God, the transcendental reality.


Uranus – Neptune current cycle


1.    1993 – 2165, 20 Capricorn – first conjunction on 2 February 1993


General delineation


The current Uranus – Neptune cycle (chart of the cycle is the picture below) has the following characteristics:

Internet , computer revolution







a)    First conjunction (1989 – 1997) – Uranus conjunct Neptune in Capricorn

– in 1991 the USSR was dissolved, the end of Marxism in Europe
b)    First square (2036 – 2044) – Uranus in Cancer (Leo) square Neptune in Aries (Taurus)


c)    Opposition (2074 – 2086) – Uranus in Capricorn (Aquarius) opposes Neptune in Cancer (Leo)