essays on astrology

Published by Whitford Press in 1982, the book contains 13 essays who are, in fact, former published articles, some among his first writings.


1. The Moon, the Four Phases of the Feminine

Here is some theory about the Moon symbolism. Among many ideas I would like to point out that the Moon does not represent necessarily the women but the archetypal feminine, yin, in Chinese philosophy. And this energies can be found in men too.

Then he writes about one of his theories (presented also in Horoscope Symbols) who tells that nowadays the feminine archetypal is repressed and some functions like moods, feelings, unconscious drives are underestimated.

Also you can found here the four phases of the Moon. The first phase is like a young female, a virgin, not ready yet to encounter the masculine principle. The second phase (Full Moon) is the female ready for the confrontation with the masculine and means fertility, abundance. The third phase (last quarter) is like an old and wise woman, the feminine past her peak of sexual activity. The last phase (the New Moon) means a total union of the masculine and feminine archetypes and a new beginning.

My evaluation: 8


In chapter 2. The Wave Theory of Astrology are some hypotheses about the way planets send their energies. There are many technical points of view here, so I will pass to the next part where he writes about harmonics. I found an idea here that need to be tested:

“The five harmonic has to do with healing”.

I didn’t understand very well everything but I think this essay has consistence and the hypotheses are interesting.

My evaluation: 8,5


3. Mercury, the Modulator


Here is a nice presentation about Mercury‘s symbolism based on mythology, history or practical observations.

My evaluation: 9


4. Handling the Malefics


The author is trying to say that if one know how to manage the energies of the malefics (Mars, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto) he will not have problems with these planets. It gives us some advices, for example, if you respect the rules of this world you won’t have problems with Saturn. Mars is not a malefic energy but one that defends and promote us! So, if we understand what those energies means and how to use them we will not suffer, that is the main idea.

My evaluation: 8,5


In chapter 5 Geocentric Latitude: Some Second Thoughts are explained some astronomical terms used in astrology like: the apparent and geocentric horizon, the geographic and astronomical latitude etc. It is good to know these things…

My evaluation: 8,7