Find the Right Profession with Astrology

taurus4.jpgTaurus people are hard-working, reliable, trustful, steady, methodical and, also, friendly, warm, sociable people. Venus, the planet which rules Taurus, makes them attracted by luxury goods, music, pleasure. More or less efficient at work they always finish their job and want to be appreciated by their practical results. An earth sign (Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn) give always result-oriented people. They like to work in a stable field and strive for a good salary. They can also be stubborn, reluctant to new technology, lacking of perspicacity, confused when working on two or more projects in the same time.

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They can have jobs in fields like banks, public relations, engineering, marketing, fashion, luxury goods industry, agriculture.

Best position: farmer He loved to be: banker


gemini.jpgGemini people are intelligent, smart, curious, people with a great sense of humor, innovative, creative, garrulous, sociable. They need permanent intellectual stimulation and are always learning, reading, searching the latest news. They accomplish their tasks very fast and are able to work at two or more projects in the same time, but they get bored easily and don’t like routine. They like to play all kind of games and, sometimes, seeing the whole social life like a game, start to make all kind of fair and unfair strategies to put them in good positions. They can change their opinion very fast, are pretty tricky, versatile, not very reliable. Like Mercury, their ruler planet who never departs more than 28 degrees from the Sun, they are always near the big events, near the action, near those who have the power. Being there, they not only transmit the information, but are also sorting it, being able to gain a lot of importance from this position.

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Proper jobs for Gemini are journalist, reporter, interpreter, publisher, writer, advocate, secretary, sales agent, driver, trader, impresario, accountant, teacher, actor or dancer.

Best position: reporter He loved to be: the politician interviewed, the football player impressed, the star counseled



cancer.jpgCancer people are emotional, protective, empathetic, warm, affectionate, friendly, imaginative people who need emotional security and have a special connection with family, community, homeland. At work they create close relationships with some people, putting the relations with them much higher than efficiency and results, because they rely more on feelings than rationality. A Cancer teammate who is your friend will support you as much as he can, no matter you are right or not, helping you finish your tasks, but, most important, giving you an emotional support, being protective, acting in a “motherly” manner. If it is not your friend don’t expect too much, because even you are right he will always do what is best for him and his close friends. In chief positions they tend to favor those persons close to them and to become friends with the people they need. Like a subordinate they use their intuition and charm to cover their inefficiency, a critical Virgo would say.

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Jobs in arts, social protection, public relation, education, advertising, IT, food industry are fit for them.

Best position: cook He loved to be: mayor