Find the Right Profession with Astrology

leo3.jpgLeo are dynamic, resourceful, optimistic, charismatic, creative, ego-centered, self-reliant, persuasive. People who know what they want and want power and high ranking positions. The Sun in domicile gives them enough energy to achieve almost any goal they fix, either relational or professional. Their activity and psychological mood is always at high levels, periods of anxiety, distress or uncertainty are missing. Always happy, joking, making others feel good they produce a good impression between colleagues and succeed to integrate fast in any environment. In chief positions seem to be in the right place because they are confident in what they do, decided and ready for action. In a subordinate position they strive to establish a good relation with the boss and, especially if he is from the opposite sex, they will succeed. Don’t think at immoral actions, it is just that they are very convincing people.

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Jobs in commanding positions like executives, managers and occupations related to the entertainment industry, gambling, sport, art, design, education, theatre or the luxury world are good for them.

Best position: one man show artist He loved to be: CEO


virgo1Virgo people are realistic, analytical, detail oriented, industrious, well-organized, methodical, intelligent. Based on an inner complex of inferiority they try to play an active role in society, to become an important part of the whole system by constantly rising, with discretion and responsibility, step by step, up to the highest scenes of society. To do that a Virgo is always mentally alert, hearing, listening, learning everything, using every information she receives to complete a puzzle. A puzzle which, when is complete, gives a very realistic image of the whole situation, every piece of it and, very important, the relations established between the system components. She will be the person who knows everything about every person from the institution, every gossip, everything it happens or happened there, every procedure, every paper way. Unlike Gemini, another sign of Mercury, Virgo has a more calculated approach, doing things with a perspective. She has the ability to plan and to anticipate. One weakness is that they are too involved in the material world, having a certain lack of spirituality, moral principles. In a chief position they can change their attitude and become arrogant, defiant, thinking that should constantly prove their superiority in front of others who are, of course, less skilled, learned, knowledgeable. Like a subordinate, which seems to be the adequate position for them, they are active, industrious, finishing all their tasks and constantly improving their professional abilities.

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They can perform in jobs like accountant, journalist, engineer, architect, designer, mathematician, banker, executive assistant, secretary, physiotherapist, medical assistant, pharmacist, veterinarian or other jobs in  IT, editing/writing, social work.

Best position: accountant or statistician He loved to be: administrator



libra2.jpgLibra people are cooperative, sociable, charming, but, also responsible, calculated, clever. They try to avoid conflicts and have a natural love for harmony, beauty and art. They enjoy one to one communication and their natural ability to start relations make them to be the first who initiate contacts with a newcomer in company, to help people to integrate. They like the team-work and, unnoticed, tend to become dominant in a one to one relation. Even Venus, their first-ruler planet, make them seem capricious, versatile and careless, Saturn, their second ruler-planet, make them more serious, responsible than appear at first site. The Sun in fall here can give periods with lack of energy and pessimism when they are looking for support. In a chief position they create an equilibrated and peaceful environment, trying to set some rules respected by everybody. In a subordinate position they accomplish their tasks, but too often are not happy with what they are doing, having periods of pessimism. Also, have the tendency to take the critics too personally, to be hyper-sensitive, to have problems in taking decisions, to hesitate.

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Jobs like artist, dancer, singer, photographer, lawyer, mediator or in areas like public relations, diplomacy, fashion, advertising, sales are good for them.

Best position: Human Resource recruiter He loved to be: artist