Find the Right Profession with Astrology

scorpio3.jpgScorpio people are ambitious, active, persevering, intuitive, resourceful, sensitive. They are people who always set high objectives and make tireless efforts to achieve them. A Scorpio person has the ability to go beyond the limits, to obtain much more than others in the same situation. They are attracted by drama, mystery, conspiracy, like to investigate, have secrets and don’t like strangers to enter in their private life. In a conflict a Scorpio will fight fiercely, for a long time and will never give up. At work, they are people who act well in a crisis situation, when many lose their temper. In a chief position they tend to be domineering and want to control almost everything which can be pretty annoying for the employees. In a subordinate position they will do everything to accomplish their tasks and to have a good relation with teammates, but, if they are hurt, attacked or too restrained, they will “explode”, became aggressive and fight for their position.

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Jobs like engineer, detective, psychiatrist, surgeon, gynaecologist, soldier, athlete, actor, painter or other jobs in IT, police or politics are good for them.

Best position: surgeon He loved to be: negociator


sagg2.jpgSagittarius people are confident, optimist, ethical, spiritual, happy and have a pro-attitude. They have an inner spirituality which, even won’t be developed will be able to give them answers to many philosophical questions. Saggitarians are friendly, agreeable, people who like to have fun, to talk, to tell stories, to express their principles, their philosophy, to explain life and events. They can explain everything but, can also be too idealistic, unrealistic, impractical, can propose ideas which can’t be applicated in that specific environment, also are able to make mistakes due to lack of concentration and miss of details (they have a  perspective view). They don’t like restrictions, want as much freedom as it is possible, are pure idealists. In a chief position will take some tolerant and impartial decisions which will easily be followed by subordinates. They will be good and wise chiefs. In a subordinate position will have a positive attitude and great enthusiasm as long as they feel comfortable, optimistic, when not they will quickly change their job.

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Jobs like sociologist, priest, spiritual leader, philosopher, business man, politician, ambassador, travel agent, lawyer, explorer or in fields like hotel/recreation, writing, public relations, entertainment, education are fit for them.

Best position: philosopher or priest He loved to be: Robin Hood (it is not realistic)



capricorn.jpgCapricorn people are hard-working, ambitious, realistic, tenacious, responsible, socially oriented. They strive to reach high-ranking positions because their most important objective is to achieve as much as it is possible from the material world with their present possibilities. Still, they are realistic and will not ask for more than they deserve. They are very good administrators, have organizational skills, like to make plans and put principles in practice. Everything they do must have visible, material outcome, they don’t like to talk about things unattainable. They are people who accommodate easily in society, learn the rules and use them in their advantage with great calm, patience and intelligence. Are very good actors and it will be very hard for anyone to find what they really think, because they transmit only what is advantageous for them. In a chief position they will be serious, demanding a lot for the subordinates, very well prepared. In a subordinate position they will try to resolve the tasks as better they can, to be efficient and will never upset the boss but try to make him happy because if he is happy they will be happy.

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Jobs like managers, administrators, politicians, actors, bankers, judges, scientists, architects, designers or in areas like IT, sales, farming and food preparation are good for them.

Best position: CEO He loved to be: CEO (it is realistic)