Find the Right Profession with Astrology

aquarius.jpgAquarius people are intelligent, determined, talented, friendly, communicative, realistic. An airy sign, they have strong intellectual abilities which give them many ideas concentrated toward improvement, innovation. Those are not people to remain stuck in a situation for a long time, they know the world is always changing and want to be a part of this process, to bring progress. They can be called the “architects of the future”. Even they live in a world of ideas, they have a good sense of reality. They enjoy social interactions, have many friends, like jokes and have a good sense of humour. The communication with others is “cold”, focusing on exchanging rational ideas, solutions. They don’t lose time with romantic love stories and don’t get emotionally involved. They like to work in groups or with groups because they have an inner desire to belong, relate, represent a group. In a chief position they will show the ability to create and organize a group, based on professional principles. As a subordinate they show intelligence, the ability to learn fast, but want too much freedom.

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They can take jobs like engineer, computer specialist, mechanic, sales agent, inventor or in the radio-television area.

Best position: syndicate leader He loved to be: F1 driver

piscesPisces people are sensitive, romantic, caring, intuitive, creative, spiritual. Are very friendly and try to avoid conflicts. They like to work in a peaceful atmosphere, to establish good relations with teammates. When somebody suffers they will be the first to show their compassion. In profession they should go through the more artistic, flexible areas and avoid jobs where accuracy is required because they are able to make confusions, to be unclear or to understand something else than one is telling them. They are the opposite of the realism, materialism, logic represented by Virgo. Chief or subordinate will not represent something different for them, so their behavior will be almost the same in both positions.

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They can take jobs like actor, singer, nurse, veterinarian, lawyer, psychic, psychologist, social worker.

Best position: nurse He loved to be: painter



Planets and profession

Planets are very important in our quest to determine the right profession and other skills, abilities that might be useful in career. The planets that should be analyzed are: the planet which rules profession (more in the second part), the planets from the 10th house or near the MC, the planet which rules the 10th house. Let’s see some characteristics and professions associated with planets in astrology:


Sun: dignified people, leadership, commander, chief.

Moon: public success, writer, politician, interpreter of dreams, magician, irrational mind, timidity, stupidity, jobs connected with water, seas.

Mercury: scientist, scribe, mathematician, merchant, accountant, teacher, orator, astrologer, astronomer, writer, business man, banker, financial manager.

Venus: actor, musician, poet, dancer, painter, fashion.

Mars: soldier, fighter, athlete, business executive, doctor, commander, robber, arms, killer of animals, people who work with iron and fire, surgeons, engineers.

Jupiter: judge, lawyer, priest, philosopher, teacher, administrator, business man, politician.

Saturn: scientist, doctor, tax collector, inferior work, laborer.


Houses and profession

The 10th house, which rules career, profession, is definitely the most important. The sign and the planets from the 10th house give the basic image. Still, there are other houses which can give valuable information about profession, about the area of life where our profession can manifest: the houses where the planet which rules profession, the sun and the ruler of the 10th house are placed. Let’s see what those planets represent if they are found in:

House 1 indicates professions very important for the subject, that means everything for him and take all the time. Also can be related with appearance, how a person looks or the physical body.

House 2 indicates professions related with money, wealth, estate, banks, stock exchange, money market, business, moveable possession.

House 3 indicates professions related with mass-media, newspapers, television, education system, language, literature, contracts, communication, messages, letters, rumors, telephones, postal service, short journeys, travelers, locomotion system.

House 4 indicates professions related with land, farming, agriculture, every occupation for taking care of the land, mining, property, buildings, structure, property market, tradition, history, parents, inheritance from parents, ancestry, graves.

House 5 indicates professions related with joy, pleasure, holidays, creativity, luxurious things, gifts, feasts, leisure industry, recreation, pubs, public parks, sport, games, gambling, speculation, lottery, art, dance, music, theatre, love, romance, procreation, children.

House 6 indicates professions related with medicine, activity connected with illness and disease, dentists, doctors, nurses, health industry, poorly rewarded work, servants, hard labor, small beasts, pets.

House 7 indicates professions related with partnerships, unions, alliances, agreements, marriage, lawsuits, enemies.

House 8 indicates professions related with others money, taxes legacies, insurance money owned to others, testaments, death, accidents.

House 9 indicates professions related with higher education, universities, colleges, public administration, lawyers, counselors, foreigners, advisors, philosophy, religion, principles, theories, revelation, dreams, visions, divination, astrology, long journeys, airlines.

House 10 indicates public activity, reputation, fame, authority, success, power, glory. Commanders, police, courts, judges, magistrates are symbolized by the 10th house.

House 11 indicates professions related with groups who share an aim, political ideas, county council, parliament, supporters, friends, benefactors.

House 12 indicates professions related with clandestine activity occult groups, infirmity, disgrace poverty, banished persons, hospitals, asylums, homeless people.