Find the Right Profession with Astrology


Astrology is an instrument which can give important clues about one’s appropriate profession, about his behavior at work, his weaknesses or strengths. To use a term from management, invented by Albert Humphrey, astrology can be used to develop a real SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats) analyze for every person.


The relation between astrology and profession can be seen on two levels: a personal level, in order to define one’s professional route in life, and an organizational level, in order to improve the company’s efficiency. At an organizational level astrology will, probably, become a very important management tool, at least in the Human Resource area. Because people are the most important resource of a company, it is very important to understand them better, to find their weaknesses and strengths, to find their best position in company, to motivate them, to make

equilibrated teams with people complementary one to each other, etc. I am sure that, not in a long time, astrology will be successfully integrated in the processes that give answers to those kind of questions. Of course, to do that we need specific situations with people for whom we can realize astrological charts. But, it is also possible to delineate some general principles which define the relation between astrology and profession. In order to do that I wrote this article and divided it in two sections: part 1 where we can see the correlations between signs, houses and planets with profession and part 2 where we can see several techniques used to determine the planet which rules profession.



Part 1 – Signs, planets, houses and profession

There are different techniques to determine one’s profession with astrology. In modern astrology the profession is indicated, mainly, by the 10th house and her ruler, but also by the Sun position, in sign and house, and the Ascendant. In traditional astrology the profession was found by analyzing the planet which rules profession and we will see different methods to discover that planet in the second part.


Signs and profession

The zodiacal signs important for profession are those where the Sun, the 10th house, the planet which rules the 10th house and the Ascendant are placed. The interpretations presented below are for the Sun-sign positions, which are the classical 12 zodiacal signs that we all know.


aries.jpgAries people are courageous, assertive, full of energy, enthusiastic, self-confident, outspoken. They try to affirm themselves by everything they do, hoping for a fast advancement in hierarchy. They think everything is possible, that they can conquer the world. They like jobs that don’t demand routine, are impatient, lack in persistence, uninterested in details, unrealistic. In a subordinate position they respect the commanders and fulfill any demand received. In a chief position they give freedom to subordinates, creating an open relation with them, but don’t accept commentaries on their orders, being sometimes callous and insensitive.

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They can take jobs in army or police, in the recreation and construction industry or can be successful athletes.

Best position: freelancer or athlete He loved to be: chief