Fixed Stars in Astrology

18. Constellation – Draco, the dragon



Draco, the dragon, is a constellation associated in many cultures with a snake, dragon or serpent. The original constellation encompassed Ursa Major and Ursa Minor to symbolize a mythical creature, half bird and half snake, which appear in all mythologies.

Draco constellation is moving around the North Pole being a guardian of that sacred place which represent an entrance to immortality.



– to guard;

– solitude;

– sacred matters.

Stars of Draco

The most important stars from Draco, in the order of magnitude are: Thuban, Rastaban, Rastaben, Eltamin, Nodus Secundus, Giansar, Gennam, Dsiban and Al Athafar al Dhib.



18.1 Thuban – 70 Virgo 37′


Thuban is the brightest star from Draco, located in the tail of the dragon.

Magnitude: 3,6

Projected Ecliptical Degrees: 70 Virgo 37′

Declination: 64N24’21”

Planetary nature: Saturn/Mars

Official name: Alpha Draco



– mental ability;

– solitude;

– protection, to guard;

– dishonor, accidents;

– prospectors of gold and silver, money administrators, accountants;


19. Constellation – Crater, the cup



Crater, the cup, is a constellation which belonged to a group named Hydra et Corvus et Crater, formed by Hydra which had a cup on her back and guarded it from the ever thirsty Corvus the Raven.

In Greek mythology Apollo sent the Crow to bring a cup of water, but he returned too late with a snake in the cup, telling that this was the cause of his delay. Apollo found that he lied and, angered, sent the Crow in the heaven with a cup guarded by the snake, in order to make him feel the pain of always be thirsty.

Crater represents the archetype of the Holy Cup, full with fertility, as the Holy Grail of Christian mythology, the cup used by Ishtar for Babylonians, the Lamp of Aladin, the well of Apollo etc.



– gifts, pleasures;

– the reward that comes after the trials;

– eminence, good fortune.

Stars of Crater

Crater is a faint constellation with no bright stars, but the alpha star is Alkes.



19.1 Alkes – 230 Virgo 44′


Alkes is the alpha star from Crater, located at the base of the cup.

Magnitude: 4,2

Projected Ecliptical Degrees: 230 Virgo 44′

Declination: 18S01’56”

Range of degrees with which can be in parans: from Cancer to Libra

Planetary nature: Venus/Mercury

Official name: Alpha Crater



– mental abilities;

– kind, generous person;

– spiritual, mystical, religious qualities;

– fertility, gifts, honors.