Fixed Stars in Astrology

22. Constellation – Coma Berenices, Berenice’s hair



Coma Berenices owns the name of the Queen Berenice II of Egypt, wife of Ptolemy III Euergetes (246 – 221 BC), king of Alexandria.

She was waiting her husband to come from the Third Syrian War when promised to offer her hair to Aphrodite in order to assure the safety of the king. After the king returned, she cut her beautiful, long, blonde hair and placed it in the goddess’s temple. The hair disappeared from the altar, and some said Aphrodite was so moved by the sacrifice that took it and placed in the heaven.

The loved woman’s hair was the most sacred form of talisman as the hair represented the power of woman, her pride, her value.



– woman power, value, dignity;

– sacrifice.


Stars of Coma Berenices

Coma Berenices is a faint constellation and has only one named star: Diadem.



22.1 Diadem – 90 Libra 07′


Diadem is the brightest star from Coma Berenices.

Magnitude: 4,3

Projected Ecliptical Degrees: 090 Libra 07′

Declination: 17N33’33”

Range of degrees with which can be in parans: from Virgo to Capricorn

Planetary nature: Saturn/Mercury

Official name: Alpha Coma Berenices



– charm, popularity;

– baldness, blindness;

– feminine values, sacrifice for the loved one, feminine strength;

– people which don’t seek personal recognition, but work for others.