Fixed Stars in Astrology

24. Constellation – Bootes, the herdsman



Booteswas, in Greek mythology, a ploughman who drove the oxen into the constellation Ursa Major. Other myths associate Bootes with a herdsman, a hunter, Icarius or the inventor of the plow.

In Greek mythology it was the son of Zeus and Callista, a wood nymph.



– the transition from hunter civilisation to the cultivator and domesticator of animals;

– evolution, the civilisation process;

– agriculture.


Stars of Bootes

The most important stars from Bootes, in the order of magnitude are: Arcturus, Nekkar, Mirak and Alkalurops.


bootes2.png24.1 Arcturus – 220 Libra 24′


Arcturus is the brightest star Bootes, located on the knee of the herdsman, and the fourth brightest star on the sky.

In mythology it represents the guardian of the bear, being next to bear – constellations Ursa Major and Ursa Minor.

Magnitude: – 0,04

Projected Ecliptical Degrees: 220 Libra 24′

Declination: 19N12’47”

Range of degrees with which can be in parans: from Virgo to Capricorn

Planetary nature: Jupiter/Mars

Official name: Alpha Bootes



– agriculture;

– prosperity, honors, success;

– enterprising spirit, protection for those who embrace a new life style, a new way of doing something;

– stormy weather, quarrelsome people.


25. Constellation – Crux, the cross



Crux, the cross, is a constellation which originally was part of Centaurus. It has similar association with Bungula, a star from Centaurus. In 1679, Augustin Royer, a french astronomer, officially named Crux as a separate constellation from Centaurus.



– religious issues, morality;

– sacrifice, resilience, control of the basic individual instincts for the sake of collective benefit;

– incurable injury, but outstanding talent.

Stars of Crux

The most important stars from Crux, in the order of magnitude are: Acrux and Mimosa.



25.1 Acrux – 120 Scorpio 02′


Acrux is the brightest star from Crux, located at the bottom of the cross.

Magnitude: 0,76

Projected Ecliptical Degrees: 120 Scorpio 02′

Declination: 63S04’24”

Range of degrees with which can be in parans: from Pisces to Cancer

Planetary nature: Venus/Jupiter

Official name: Alpha Crux



– intuition, occult studies, inventive mind;

– astrology;

– sadism;

– a person who seeks practical results, material outcome.