Fixed Stars in Astrology

26. Constellation – Corona Borealis, the northern crown



Corona Borealis represents the wedding garland of flowers given to Ariadne by Venus to celebrate her marriage to Dionysus.

Christians saw it as the Crown of Thorns worn by Christ.

In many cultures it was seen as a crown, a garland of flowers, a woman’s headpiece.



– woman power, value, dignity;

– a gift, a chance, advancement.

Stars of Corona Borealis

Coma Borealis is a faint constellation and has only one named star: Alphecca.



26.1 Alphecca – 120 Scorpio 26′


Alphecca is the brightest star from Corona Borealis.

Magnitude: 2,3

Projected Ecliptical Degrees: 120 Scorpio 26′

Declination: 26N44’11”

Range of degrees with which can be in parans: from Virgo to Aquarius

Planetary nature: Venus/Mercury

Official name: Alpha Corona Borealis



– honor, artistic ability;

– healer, occult ability;

– achievements, advancement, feminine strength;

– betrayal in love.