Fixed Stars in Astrology

27. Constellation – Libra, the scales



Libra, the scales, is a constellation that originally represented the claws of the Scorpio. In Egypt’s mythology it represents the scales that measure the souls at the entrance in the underworld. It is a symbol for justice, objectivity and polarity.


– balance, measure, polarity;

– justice.

Stars of Libra


The most important stars from Libra, in the order of magnitude are: Zuben Elgenubi, Zuben Eschamali and Zuben Hakrabi.



27.1 Zuben Elgenubi – 150 Scorpio 14′


Zuben Elgenubi is the brightest star from Libra, located on the southern scale of Libra.

Magnitude: 2,9

Projected Ecliptical Degrees: 150 Scorpio 14′

Declination: 16S01’09”

Range of degrees with which can be in parans: Scorpio

Planetary nature: Saturn/Mars

Official name: Alpha Libra



– disease, violence, revenge;

– social interest, groups;

– theft, betrayal, abuse;

– poisoning, drowning.