Fixed Stars in Astrology

35. Constellation – Delphinus, the dolphin



Delphinus, the dolphin, is associated with stories about helpfulness and playfulness. One story tells that the Greek poet Arion of Lesbos, a very rich person, was attacked by his crew who planned to kill him and get his money. He flung into the sea where was rescued by a dolphin and carried to the coast of Greece.



– to help;

– improvisation;

– chance, unexpected opportunity.

Stars of Delphinus

The most important stars from Delphinus, in the order of magnitude are: Sualocin and Rotanev.



35.1 Sualocin – 170 Aquarius 10′


Sualocin is the brightest star from Delphinus, located in the head of the dolphin.

Magnitude: 3,9

Projected Ecliptical Degrees: 170 Aquarius 10′

Declination: 15N53’53”

Range of degrees with which can be in parans: from Sagittarius to Pisces

Planetary nature: Saturn/Mars

Official name: Alpha Delphinus



– cheerful nature, ingratitude;

– love of hunting;

– it has a gentle influence, not too strong.