Fixed Stars in Astrology

4. Constellation – Aries, the ram



Aries, the ram, is the constellation which was placed at the vernal equinox when the horoscopic astrology began, around 300 BCE. It was the time of Hellenistic astrology when the tropical and sidereal zodiac where almost the same, when the zodiac based on seasons, with the beginning at the spring equinox (0 Aries), was the same with the zodiac based on the position of fixed stars.

Now, due to the precession of the equinoxes, the fixed stars of Aries are in fact at the beginning of zodiacal sign of Pisces.

In mythology, the hero Phrixus fled from his stepmother Mo on the back of a ram. He escaped and sacrificed the ram as a tribute to Zeus.



– creativity, pioneering;

– intemperance, violence.

Stars of Aries

The most important stars from Aries, in the order of magnitude are: Hamal, Sharatan and Mesarthim.



4.1 Hamal (Head of the sheep) – 70 Taurus 50′


Hamal is the brightest star from Aries, located in the head of the ram.

Magnitude: 2,2

Projected Ecliptical Degrees: 70 Taurus 50′

Declination: 23N26’18”

Range of degrees with which can be in parans: from Capricorn to Taurus

Planetary nature: Mars/Saturn

Official name: Alpha Aries



– violence, brutality, premeditated crime, danger;

– independence;

– head injuries;

– healing skills.