Fixed Stars in Astrology

11. Constellation – Ursa Minor, the little bear



Ursa Minor, the little bear, represents the son of the wood nymph, Callisto, in Greek mythology. She was raped by Zeus and turned into a bear by Hera, Zeus jealous wife. Arcas, son of Callisto, was a hunter and, shooting the bear, was almost to kill his mother. To avoid the tragedy, Zeus put both of them in the sky, Arcas, the minor bear, and Callisto the great bear.


– destruction, evil outcome;

– guidance.

Stars of Ursa Minor

The most important stars from Ursa Major, in the order of magnitude are: Polaris, Kochab, Pherkad Major, Pherkad Minor, Yidun and Farkadain.



11.1 Polaris – 280 Gemini 44′


Polaris is the brightest star from Ursa Minor, located in the tail of the bear. It is the current pole star.

Magnitude: 2,1

Projected Ecliptical Degrees: 280 Gemini 44′

Declination: 89N14’14”

Planetary nature: Saturn/Venus

Official name: Alpha Ursa Minor



– sickness, disgrace, loss;

– pioneering, guidance;


12. Constellation – Canis Major, the dog



Canis Majorand Canis Minor are the two dogs of Orion chasing a hare, Lepus, and the bull of Taurus. It represents a dog in a submissive position waiting for an order to sprint after Lepus, the hare.



– protection, the dog guarding home;

– a passage between two worlds, a guardian.


Stars of Canis Major

The most important stars from Canis Major, in the order of magnitude are: Sirius, Murzims, Wezen and Aludra.


canis_major2.png12.1 Sirius – 140 Cancer 15′


Sirius is the brightest star in the sky, located in the mouth of the dog symbolised by the constellation Canis Major. It was the star after the Egyptians founded their calendar.

In mythology Sirius was identified as Orion’s dog or even the goddess Isis, wife of Osiris.

Magnitude: – 1,43

Projected Ecliptical Degrees: 140 Cancer 15′

Declination: 16S42’25”

Range of degrees with which can be in parans: from Taurus to Leo

Planetary nature: Jupiter/Mars

Official name: Alpha Canis Major



– fame, honors, success, love of power;

– sacrifice of the individual life for the community, success in public life may destroy personal life;

– dogs;

– fires, drought;

– individual action may have important collective effects, immortality.


12.2 Mirzam(Murzim) – 70 Cancer 21′


Mirzam it was called The Announcer because rose before Sirius. It has a similar nature with Sirius, but with a less powerful effect.

Magnitude: 2

Projected Ecliptical Degrees: 70 Cancer 21′

Declination: 17S57’04”

Range of degrees with which can be in parans: from Taurus to Leo

Planetary nature: Venus

Official name: Beta Canis Major



– to bring message;

– good qualities, faithful.