Health Horoscope

This is the horoscope that shows your health, medical problems and weaknesses.

What you can find from your Health Horoscope?

In this horoscope you can find more about your medical problems: we can identify what are the aspects that generates your disease and in this way we can tell the causes of the disease, how long it lasts and when is likely to appear again. We can also see what are the weak points in your chart and at what disease you should be careful.

How Do I Order a Reading?

Send an email or use theĀ contact form. Send the birth date (date and hour of birth, location) for you and the other, your questions and also some details about the situation in order to understand the context.

Thanks for understanding!

Price and Payment

The price for Health Horoscope is 25 $.

You can make the payment in Paypal account: astrolog @ (remove spaces to create a working email).