The meaning of Houses in astrology

Houses are symbols which represent in astrology different areas of life. Any planet placed in a house works in the area of life symbolized by that house.

Even the meaning is simple, houses generate other important problems like the systems used to divide house or where should be placed the beginning of a house influence.

Nowadays, the most used system of houses is Placidus. Other house systems with many users are: Koch, Whole Sign Houses or Campanus. I use Whole Sign Houses.

For a better understanding of the houses symbolism, let’s read Liz Greene’s opinion:

“It is useful to think of the houses as stages sets representing particular spheres of life. The houses are like the empty stages at the beginning of the play, before the actors appear, and each one has its characteristic decor, furniture, and objects, according to the domain which the house rules and the sign on the cusp of the house. We all have the same twelve houses in our chart, and they are the broad arenas in which we seek and encounter life experiences. A house in the abstract sense has no backdrop and no lighting; this is dependent on the sign on the cusp, which gives it its particular coloration. But then the actors come on stage, and these are the planets. Then we are going to meet something very powerful in this sphere of life, and we will have to engage in a dialogue, and involve ourselves in the drama”

When a planet is placed in a house, it is like meeting a god. There is a archetypal pattern at work, a kind of vortex of energy in which one immediately becomes caught up. The moment one enters the affairs of that house, all the matters concerned are affected by the planet. A sign on cusp doesn’t have this kind of power.”    

The  meaning of each House in the Horoscope 

House 1 – Ascendant, personality

– physical body, health, vitality;

– appearance;

– what a person can do in the world, her ability to be useful, her skill, how she is perceived by others, personality;

– character, will, intellect.

House 2 – Money, values

– wealth, money, property;

– our attitude toward money and other values;

– financial matters;

– resources which support the physical body or our personality;

House 3 – Communication, relatives

– “lower mind”, communication, day to day level;

– interactions with immediate environment, neighbors, relatives, brothers, sisters, friends;

– information, news, books, to read;

– short journeys;

– education;

– messages, writing.

House 4 – Home, traditions

– home, personal life, intimacy;

– family, mother or father, forebears;

– childhood, traditions, past;

– real estate, lands;

– hidden treasure, hidden resources;

– collective unconscious;

– end of life.

House 5 – Self – expression, creativity

– amusement, play, creativity, originality;

– what we enjoy to do, to have fun;

– children;

– gambling, sport;

– love affairs, pleasures.

House 6 – Work, sickness

– work, service, servitude;

– subordinates;

– sickness, problems of the physical body;

– small animals.

House 7 – Partnership

– marriage, one to one relations;

people that react to yourself, the reaction at the action symbolized by the Ascendant;

– open enemies;

– lawsuits.

House 8 – Other people resources

– partner’s money, assets, values;

– taxes, legacies, insurance;

death, transformation, resurrection;

– sexuality;

– emotional issues,

– psychic and occult matters.

House 9 – The higher mind

– wisdom, activities that let us to understand the world, to expand our consciousness;

– philosophy, religion, law, moral ideas;

– foreign travels, long journeys, far away places;

– higher education.

House 10 – Social status

– career, profession, social status;

– reputation, how you are seen in society;

– father or mother;

– employers, those in command.

House 11 – Friends, hopes

– friends, groups, acquaintances, clubs, society;

– hope, ambition, comfort, luck.

House 12 – Secrets, solitude

– self sacrifice, service to others;

– the unconscious;

– isolation, prison, anxieties;

– infirmity, bad luck;

– secret enemies;

– karma.

The meaning of Aspects in astrology

In the horoscope, Aspects represents the angles which are measured between two points in the chart. We are interested especially by the aspects between planets, and by the aspects of 0, 180, 120, 90, 60, 45 degrees. The degrees of the aspects tell us about the way the two energies of the planets combine. So, aspects show what relation is established between different points of the chart.

How we can find the type of relation symbolized by every aspect? Well, aspects signification is based on their correspondence with numbers, more exactly by the number with which we must divide the circle (360 degrees) to get the aspect. Following this principle we can see that the opposition (180 degree aspect) is signified by number 2, because 180 is 360 divided by 2. So, the square (90 degree aspect) is signified by number 4, because 90 is 360 divided by 4.