Jupiter – Neptune cycle


Jupiter – Neptune  is a cycle of 13 years characterised by:

– the rise or decline of political, social orders, ideologies: liberals, socialists, democrats, communists;

– the cycle Jupiter – Neptune is correlated with Saturn – Neptune, both dominated by Neptune, and represents social and political movements on the left wing, with Saturn more authoritarian, with Jupiter more democratic;

– some evolutions are characterised by one cycle (First French Republic – 1792 – 1804 etc.), other by many cycles (Lenin starts his politic in 1894, comes to power in 1907 etc.);

– we can observe the difference between the Jupiter, Saturn, with Neptune cycles and Jupiter, Saturn, with Uranus cycles.; when with Neptune is about alliances, treaties (1945 United Nations, conference for disarmament, Triple Alliance  -1882), when with Uranus about dictators, wars, acquiring power (Hitler, Napoleon, World War I etc.);    

– crises generated by Uranus cycles are dominated by extern issues (military or diplomatic), instead those generated by Neptune are generated by intern issues (strikes, protests, social problems etc.);

– religious and idealistic belief systems;

– idealism, imagination, fantasy, illusion.

Jupiter – Neptune current cycle


1.    2009 – 2022, 26 Aquarius – first conjunction  on 27 May 2009


General delineation

The current Jupiter – Neptune cycle (chart of the cycle is the picture below) has the following characteristics:

represent the aim to distribute whealth to the middle class and poorer, as Robert Blanchke states;

– The European Union under the Lisbon Treaty




a)    First conjunction (2009) – Jupiter conjunct Neptune in Aquarius

– the Lisbon Treaty entered in force from 1 December, 2009 and created a single legal entity after merging the EU former three pillars; it was an important reform of many aspects of the European Union;


b)    Opposition (2015 – 2016) – Jupiter in Virgo opposes Neptune in Pisces