5.    1921 – 1940, 27 Virgo – first conjunction  on 10 September 1921

a)    First conjunction (1920 – 1922) – Jupiter conjunct Saturn in Virgo (Libra)

-    Europe is reformulating herself in accordance with the treaties of Versailles (1919), Saint Germain (1919), Neuilly (1919), Sevres (1920) and Trianon (1920

- after The Treaty of Versailles (1919), Germany is defeated and France with Britain winners

b)    First square (1926 – 1927) – Jupiter in Aquarius (Pisces) square Saturn in Scorpio (Sagittarius)

-    Germany joined League of Nations (1926) and enters in a conflict with France having different points of view

c)    Opposition (1930 – 1931) – Jupiter in Cancer opposes Saturn in Capricorn

-    after 10 years when the treaties of 1919 – 1920 were respected, in 1930 the French soldiers retreat from Germany, which won’t pay the debts, won’t make the reparations and won`t disarm. It is the end for the  Treaty of Versailles.

d)    Second square (1935 – 1936) – Jupiter in Sagittarius square Saturn in Pisces

-    the Second Italo-Ethiopian War was a colonial war which showed the weakness of the League of Nations and favoured the creation of the Axe Roma – Berlin
–    Hitler remilitarized the Rhineland (1936) gaining an advantage over France and disobeying The Treaty of Versailles


6.    1901 – 1921, 14 Capricorn – first conjunction  on 28 November 1901

–    France and England reinforce their position

b)   First conjunction (1901 – 1902) – Jupiter conjunct Saturn in Capricorn

- Edward VII becomes King of the United Kingdom from 1901 which proves to be an option for Europe against a dominating Germany;

- England and Germany imperialistic conflicts become obvious

- the influence of Germany is diminished

c)    First square (1905 – 1906) – Jupiter in Gemini square Saturn in Pisces

-    The First Moroccan Crisis (1905 – 1906) was the international crisis where Germany resented France’s increasing dominance of Morocco, and insisted on an open door policy that would allow German business access to its market.  Germany was isolated and appeared aggressive

d)    Opposition (1909 – 1912) – Jupiter in Libra (Scorpio, Sagittarius) opposes Saturn in Aries (Taurus, Gemini)

-    the Second Moroccan Crisis (Agadir crisis) between France and Germany ended with France to establish a full protectorate over Morocco and strengthen relations with Britain;

-    The First Balkan War (1912) broke out when the Balkan League (Montenegro, Bulgaria, Greece and Serbia) attacked Turkey and was ended seven months later by the Treaty of London. After five centuries, Turkey lost all of its possessions in the Balkans;
-    Europe is divided between The Triple Alliance and The Triple Entente

e)    Second square (1916 – 1917) – Jupiter in Aries square Saturn in Cancer

-    Russia left the World War I leaving the allies after the empire collapsed

7.    1881 – 1901, 2 Taurus – first conjunction  on 18 April 1881

– Germany dominates Europe


a)    First conjunction (1881) – Jupiter conjunct Saturn in Taurus

- the military Triple Alliance (1882) is formed between Germany, Austria–Hungary and Italy
– Protectionism is the economic policy which dominates in Europe from 1880

- at the semisquare (1883), England invaded Egypt and as a result broke relations with France and Germany


b)    First square (1885 – 1887) – Jupiter in Libra square Saturn in Cancer

- a potential conflict between Austria and Russia became possible after the 1886 Bulgarian crisis;

- France and Germany were close to war after a border conflict in 1887.


c)    Opposition (1891 – 1893) – Jupiter in Pisces (Aries) opposes Saturn in Virgo (Libra)

- Europe is stable, Germany is the main force;

- Treaties between Russia and France (1892) and Russia and Germany (1891) are signed; Otto von Bismarck, which became the Chancellor of the German Empire at the beginning of the cycle (1871), was removed by Kaiser (Emperor) William II in 1890, leaving Germany at her peak.


d)    Second square (1895 – 1897) – Jupiter in Leo (Virgo) square Saturn in Scorpio (Sagittarius)

new conflicts take place in the Orient: Greco-Turkish War of 1897, First Italo-Ethiopian War in 1896 (the only African nation to successfully resist European colonialism);

- the competition between France and England as colonialist countries almost took them to war in 1898 with the operation Fashoda.