The meaning of Pluto in mundane astrology:


- the power to change through transformation as any system comes to the period of decay, death and rebirth;

- psychotic outbreaks in the collective unconscious;

- autocracy, control; power, how to be in power, how to retain power;

- manipulation of the masses, politics;

- corruption, terrorism, organised crime, mass murder, kidnapping;

- violent, dramatic experience in order to fundamentally transform the society; Pluto was discovered when the Third Reich was rising, the Nazi Germany was related with Pluto by many astrologers;

- Hermetism and depth psychology, lost knowledge which is rediscovered, secrets which are revealed.



Institutions and people which represent the process symbolised by Pluto:

- hidden, secret organisations;

- archeologists;

- criminals, terrorists;

- politicians, actors, propagandists.


Historical events symbolised by Pluto:

- the period when Pluto was discovered (1930): the rise of the Third Reich (1933);