Sabian Symbols in Astrology

The Sabian Symbols from Capricorn

Capricorn 1. An Indian chief demanding recognition. Keywords: leader, courage, social position, ambition, determination, tenacity, fidelity, a simple world, lack of sophistication.

Capricorn 2. Three stained-glass windows, one damaged by bombardment. Keywords: memories, past problems, melancholy, sensibility, to hide a dramatic event, moral values, honour.

Capricorn 3. The human soul receptive to growth and understanding. Keywords: education, compliance, innocence, fecundity, prosperity.

Capricorn 4. A party entering a large canoe. Keywords: unity, friendship, desire to explore, curiosity.

Capricorn 5. Indians rowing a canoe and dancing a war dance. Keywords: action, aggression, courage, mobilization, to try to create an image to impress someone, primitive attitude.

Capricorn 6. A dark archway and ten logs at the bottom. Keywords: difficulty, dangers but also resources, mystery, competence or fear of experiences.

Capricorn 7. A veiled prophet of power. Keywords: vision, experience, wisdom, mystery, power, potential, confusion.

Capricorn 8. Birds in the house singing happily. Keywords: happy, joy, music, friendship, family, fortune, accent on the artistic side of life.

Capricorn 9. An angel carrying a harp. Keywords: purity, innocence, spirituality, fantasy, hope, faith.

Capricorn 10. An albatross feeding from the hand. Keywords: protection, family, to help, to nurture, friendship, warm feelings, to forgive.

Capricorn 11. A large group of pheasants. Keywords: refinement, luxury, aristocracy, to be proud, to expose values, to display.

Capricorn 12. A student of nature lecturing. Keywords: science, intelligence, study, to communicate, to explain, to think, to be realistic.

Capricorn 13. A fire worshiper. Keywords: spirituality, mystery, enthusiasm, to believe in ideas, creativity.

Capricorn 14. An ancient bas-relief carved in granite. Keywords: art, skill, value, foundation, work is a creation which will last long time.

Capricorn 15. Many toys in a children’s ward of a hospital. Keywords: abundance, rewards, to care, to be sustained, to solace.

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Capricorn 16. Boys and girls in gymnasium suits. Keywords: friendship, joviality, optimism, loyalty, competition, fair play.

Capricorn 17. A girl surreptitiously bathing in the nude. Keywords: feelings, passion, intimacy, courage, femininity.

Capricorn 18. The Union Jack. Keywords: dignity, honour, protection, to represent, respect.

Capricorn 19. A child of about five with a huge shopping bag. Keywords: maturity, materialism, responsibility, potential, ambition.

Capricorn 20. A hidden choir singing. Keywords: art, skill, faith, worship, peace, kindness, purity.

Capricorn 21. A relay race. Keywords: teamwork, sport, ambition, determination, cooperation.

Capricorn 22. A general accepting defeat gracefully. Keywords: honour, experience, maturity, dignity, fall after victory.

Capricorn 23. Two awards for bravery in war. Keywords: dignity, recognition, bravery, courage, leadership.

Capricorn 24. A woman entering a convent. Keywords: maturity, the power to choose, inner spirituality, faith, solitude.

Capricorn 25. An oriental rug-dealer. Keywords: commerce, to make profit, relations, profitable ideas, tradition, originality.

Capricorn 26. A water sprite. Keywords: opportunity, ideals, success, spontaneity.

Capricorn 27. A mountain pilgrimage. Keywords: honour, respect, spirituality, action, determination, perseverance, integrity, harmony.

Capricorn 28. A large aviary. Keywords: community, society, service, welfare, materialism, pragmatism.

Capricorn 29. A woman reading tea leaves. Keywords: superstition, occult, vision, to foresee, intuition, tradition, naivety.

Capricorn 30. A secret business conference. Keywords: power, diplomacy, convention, interest, materialism, plan, control, opportunity, selfishness.