Sabian Symbols in Astrology

The Sabian Symbols from Aquarius

Aquarius 1. An old adobe mission. Keywords: durability, stability, symbolism, heritage, tradition.

Aquarius 2. An unexpected thunderstorm. Keywords: inventiveness, creativity, anger, ambition, determination, change, surprise, accident, choleric person.

Aquarius 3. A deserter from the navy. Keywords: rebellion, defiance, irresponsibility, independence, coward attitude.

Aquarius 4. A Hindu healer. Keywords: spirituality, medicine, therapy, wisdom.

Aquarius 5. A council of ancestors. Keywords: wisdom, patience, integrity, conservatism, representation, leader, respect.

Aquarius 6. A performer of a mystery play. Keywords: subtlety, occult, to send a message, art.

Aquarius 7. A child born of a eggshell. Keywords: regression, potential, essentiality.

Aquarius 8. Beautifully gowned wax figures. Keywords: superficial display, reputation, the image is more important than the content, sociability.

Aquarius 9. A flag turned into an eagle. Keywords: representation, ideas become actions, groups, to promote an idea or to create a group.

Aquarius 10. A popularity that proves ephemeral. Keywords: image, superficiality, change/reversal of situation, crisis after success, relations, social life.

Aquarius 11. Man tete-a-tete with his inspiration. Keywords: intuition, inspiration, originality, intelligence, ideas, solutions.

Aquarius 12. People on stairs graduated upwards. Keywords: evolution, reward, groups, common experiences, competition.

Aquarius 13. A barometer. Keywords: intuition, indication, analyse, to foresee, to “feel” what is coming next, to estimate, sense of observation.

Aquarius 14. A train entering a tunnel. Keywords: efficiency, development, precision, utilitarianism, evolution.

Aquarius 15. Two lovebirds sitting on a fence. Keywords: friendship, love, charm, romance, happiness.

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Aquarius 16. A big-business man at his desk. Keywords: chance, fortune, social power, respect, administration, leadership, ambition, efficiency, success.

Aquarius 17. A watchdog standing guard. Keywords: attention, perspicacity, strength, aggressive attitude, suspicion, unfriendly instincts, loyalty.

Aquarius 18. A man unmasked. Keywords: hidden actions/traits/thoughts will be revealed, to reveal the truth, lies won’t stand for long, self-betrayal.

Aquarius 19. A forest fire quenched. Keywords: to save the situation in the last moment, to help, relief/relaxation after effort, social responsibility.

Aquarius 20. A big white dove, a message bearer. Keywords: to bring news, communication, intellectual abilities, a good message, inspiration, fortune, skill.

Aquarius 21. A woman disappointed and disillusioned. Keywords: bad news, disappointments, others don’t meet your expectations, frustration.

Aquarius 22. A rug placed on a floor for children to play. Keywords: entertainment, pleasure, fun, protection, family, comfort, recreation, leisure.

Aquarius 23. A big bear sitting down and waving all its paws. Keywords: determination, force, courage, to be manipulated, to try to satisfy others not yourself, to do what others ask.

Aquarius 24. A man turning his back on his passions and teaching from his experience. Keywords: to learn from experience, to have the power to make a change, a “problem maker” person may become an example.

Aquarius 25. A butterfly with the right wing more perfectly formed. Keywords: uniqueness, to overcome obstacle/handicap, to turn deficiency in an advantage.

Aquarius 26. A hydrometer. Keywords: analyze, science, to count, to learn, to study, efficiency, realism.

Aquarius 27. An ancient pottery bowl field with violets. Keywords: romance, tradition, love, happiness, good intentions, hospitality, morality.

Aquarius 28. A tree felled and sawed. Keywords: work, realism, provision, plan, strategy, organisation, technique.

Aquarius 29. Butterfly emerging from chrysalis. Keywords: transformation, evolution, creativity, ideas, creation.

Aquarius 30. The field of Ardath in bloom. Keywords: revival, energy, life, optimism, friendship, fortune, healthy situation, happiness.