Sabian Symbols in Astrology

The Sabian Symbols from Pisces

Pisces 1. A public market. Keywords: community, social life, compassion, commerce, friendship, meetings, ideas, intelligence, opportunities.

Pisces 2. A squirrel hiding from hunters. Keywords: fear, threat, caution, independence, conservatism, intelligence, perspicacity.

Pisces 3. A petrified forest. Keywords: troubles, difficult experiences, immobility, sacrifice, exhausted soul.

Pisces 4. Heavy traffic on a narrow isthmus. Keywords: obstacles, hard work needed in order to achieve success, stress, challenges, too many fight for the same objective, competition, inability to find solutions..

Pisces 5. A church bazaar. Keywords: community, philanthropy, friendship, opportunities.

Pisces 6. Officers on dress parade. Keywords: courage, honour, to feel proud, honesty, friendship, discipline, responsibility, respect.

Pisces 7. A cross lying on rocks. Keywords: strength, solitude, courage, high ideals, independence.

Pisces 8. A girl blowing a bugle. Keywords: enthusiasm, leadership, expressive person, sincerity, friendship, entrepreneurial spirit.

Pisces 9. A jockey. Keywords: competition, ambition, agility, perspicacity, skill, elegance.

Pisces 10. An aviator in the clouds. Keywords: high ideals, confidence, courage, originality, solitude.

Pisces 11. Men seeking illumination. Keywords: spirituality, faith, an inner sense that the material world is not everything, intuition, wisdom.

Pisces 12. An examination of initiates. Keywords: spirituality, religion, in order to achieve wisdom one must pass many obstacles/experiences, rules, order, evolution.

Pisces 13. A sword in a museum. Keywords: example, personality, history, sacrifice, courage.

Pisces 14. A lady in a fox fur. Keywords: ambition, social power, selfishness, cruelty, hypocrisy, dignity, satisfaction, to be admired.

Pisces 15. An officer preparing to drill his men. Keywords: leadership, order, rules, determination, preciseness, efficiency, challenges, respect, recognition.

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Pisces 16. The flow of inspiration. Keywords: intuition, inspiration, artistic skill, creativity, confidence, to find solutions, open-minded.

Pisces 17. An Easter promenade. Keywords: celebration, social life, display, to request attention.

Pisces 18. A gigantic tent. Keywords: privacy, secrets, hidden activity, organisational skills, circus – excitement, risk, entertainment, amusement.

Pisces 19. A master instructing his pupil. Keywords: education, knowledge, help, order, rules, initiation, mentoring, respect.

Pisces 20. A table set for an evening meal. Keywords: familiarity, protection, resources, abundance, conversation, good relations.

Pisces 21. A little white lamb, a child and a Chinese servant. Keywords: diversity, friendship, innocence, diffusion.

Pisces 22. A man bringing down the new law from Sinai. Keywords: authority, spirituality, religion, ideals, intuition, inspiration, to bring something new, to represent a group, to establish a new order, to be seen as a providential person, respect, honour.

Pisces 23. Spiritist phenomena. Keywords: spirituality, magic, sensitivity, instability, confusion.

Pisces 24. An inhabited island. Keywords: unfriendly, alien, expansion, opportunity, independence, a new beginning, seclusion, privacy, solitude.

Pisces 25. The purging of the priesthood. Keywords: reformation, evaluation, judgment, integrity, spirituality, religion.

Pisces 26. A new moon that divides its influences. Keywords: to divide, to split, a new beginning, differences, feelings, romance.

Pisces 27. A harvest moon. Keywords: family, feelings, romance, energy, activity, achievements, to reach apogee, productivity, abundance.

Pisces 28. A fertile garden under the full moon. Keywords: abundance, fertility, luck, protection, rewards, materialism.

Pisces 29. A prism. Keywords: tolerance, different points of view, accuracy, creativity, intelligence.

Pisces 30. The Great Stone Face. Keywords: ideals become reality, vision, ambition, wisdom, good principles, creation will last a long time.