Sabian Symbols in Astrology

The Sabian Symbols from Taurus

Taurus 1. A clear mountain stream. Keywords: freedom, purity of soul, morality, healthy principles, solitude, a clear situation.

Taurus 2. An electrical storm. Keywords: impulse, energy, action, unstable situation, transformation, making an impact on others, important, impressive events.

Taurus 3. Steps up to a lawn blooming with clover. Keywords: efforts will be rewarded, good luck, creativity.

Taurus 4. The rainbow’s pot of gold. Keywords: great luck, many possibilities, chances, dreams may come true, fortune.

Taurus 5. A widow at an open grave. Keywords: being aware of the impermanence of physical things and life, solitude, sorrow, a mature person, sadness, spirituality.

Taurus 6. A bridge being built across a gorge. Keywords: evolution, progress, courage, intelligence, curiosity, the desire to discover new areas, relations, connections, dangerous life, risk.

Taurus 7. A women of Samaria. Keywords: honesty, spiritual qualities, faith, altruism, a good soul, poverty.

Taurus 8. A sleigh without snow. Keywords: people from outside can see that something is obviously missing, but the subject may not realise that, the person is not in the right place, need for change.

Taurus 9. A Christmas tree decorated. Keywords: a happy, sociable, charming person, very good relations with family, faith, peace, self-satisfaction.

Taurus 10. A Red Cross nurse. Keywords: humanitarianism, ideals, spirituality, dedication to a cause.

Taurus 11. A woman sprinkling flowers. Keywords: sensitivity, love, beauty, deception, high ideals.

Taurus 12. Window – shoppers. Keywords: couriosity, unreliable person, many desires which can’t be realised, sociable, friendly, garrulous.

Taurus 13. A man handling baggage. Keywords: a practical person, power, to depend on another, to help others, politeness.

Taurus 14. Shellfish groping and children playing. Keywords: intuition, being unaware of reality, joy, living in your own world, sincerity, genuine emotions.

Taurus 15. A man muffled up, with a rakish silk hat . Keywords: protection, unconventional person, garrulous, ambitious.

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Taurus 16. An old man attempting vainly to reveal the Mysteries . Keywords: spirituality, unfulfilled ideals, suspicious, experience.

Taurus 17. A battle between the swords and the torches. Keywords: conflict, competition, the eternal struggle between the practical necessities of life and the motives and meanings.

Taurus 18. A woman holding a bag out of a window. Keywords: high personal effectiveness in commandeering the elements of experience for any particular purpose, dissatisfaction with things as they are and complete ineptness in handling them.

Taurus 19. A newly formed continent. Keywords: a new beginning, a different view, new ways to treat the same problem, originality.

Taurus 20. Wind clouds and haste. Keywords: an overview perspective, unstable temper, changeable attitude, intelligence, likes to argue, talkative, critical manner, sharp tongue.

Taurus 21. A finger pointing in an open book. Keywords: attention to details, respect for standards, respect for social standards, a respected person, education, wisdom.

Taurus 22. White dove over troubled waters. Keywords: hope, in a difficult situation one may receive an unexpected help, good news, guidance, love,  difficult relations.

Taurus 23. A jewelry shop. Keywords: focus on the material side of life, luxury, need to be in front, a person who needs attention, need to be appreciated, many qualities, arrogance.

Taurus 24. A mounted Indian with a scalp locks. Keywords: courage, arrogance, power, aggression, strong will, conflicts, people who wants to make an impression, pride, authority, need to command.

Taurus 25. A large well – kept public park. Keywords: society, friends, good time, enjoyment, recreation, collective way of life, social responsibility, good manners, well educated people, games.

Taurus 26. A Spaniard serenading his seniorita. Keywords: love, searching and fighting for love, romance, feelings, adventures, entertainment.

Taurus 27. A squaw selling beads. Keywords: tradition, old spiritual values, ancestry, detachment, the relations between the old values and new ones can be harmonious, wisdom, an invitation to learn from the past.

Taurus 28. A woman pursued by mature romance. Keywords: surprises, love from an unexpected person or love in an unexpected moment, experience, wisdom, romance.

Taurus 29. Two cobblers working at a table. Keywords: cooperation, work, low social position, good friends, capacity to give and receive help.

Taurus 30. A peacock parading on an ancient lawn. Keywords: a proud person, courage, desire to impress, vulgar display, dignity.