Sabian Symbols in Astrology

The Sabian Symbols from Gemini

Gemini 1. A glass-bottomed boat in still water. Keywords: curiosity, a person who can see or reveal hidden aspects of life, a situation which shows a hidden aspect, feelings revealed, intuition, emotions, feelings.

Gemini 2. Santa Claus filling stockings furtively. Keywords: rewards, surprises, abundance.

Gemini 3. The garden of the Tuileries. Keywords: art, beauty, high social position, authority, wealth, grace, luxury, selfishness.

Gemini 4. Holly and mistletoe. Keywords: faith, spiritual life, imagination, ritual.

Gemini 5. A radical magazine. Keywords: trade, exchange of information, intelligence, a person always moving, curiosity, speculation, quarrels.

Gemini 6. Drilling for oil. Keywords: achievements, desires, ambition, wealth, money as the most important resource, new experiences, people who likes to explore, discover.

Gemini 7. An old-fashioned well. Keywords: tradition, purity, integrity, qualities which keep their value in time, unexpected resources can be found, wisdom.

Gemini 8. An industrial strike. Keywords: selfishness, aggression, artificial, performance, progress, war.

Gemini 9. A quiver filled with arrows. Keywords: satisfaction, accomplished work, games, sport, an organised person, preparation, art.

Gemini 10. An airplane falling. Keywords: crisis, an extreme situation, extreme solutions, problems without solutions, quarrels, deceptions, people without control of the situation.

Gemini 11. A new path of realism in experience. Keywords: mobilization of the self’s practical resources for the role it must play in daily living, self-delusion through sheer fantasy.

Gemini 12. A Topsy saucily asserting herself . Keywords: growth, taking advantage of every new situation, dissatisfaction.

Gemini 13. A great musician at his piano. Keywords: art, success, spectacle, public event, popularity, leader, talent, skill, achievements, adulation, self-confidence, joy, maturity.

Gemini 14. A conversation by telepathy. Keywords: unconventional behaviour, transcendental experiences, strong connection between two people.

Gemini 15. Two Dutch children talking. Keywords: creativity, potential, communication, immaturity.

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Gemini 16. A woman suffragist haranguing. Keywords: to represent a group, implication, lobby, determination, active social life, indignation, opposition, quarrels, the power to confront the system.

Gemini 17. The head of health dissolved into the head of mentality. Keywords: development, evolution toward spiritual life, transformation, the capacity to pass above the physical needs.

Gemini 18. Two Chinese men talking Chinese. Keywords: being different, support in a difficult situation, communication, co-operation.

Gemini 19. A large archaic volume. Keywords: wisdom, experience, lost knowledge, hidden treasures, unexpected help, calm, quiet, peace.

Gemini 20. A cafeteria. Keywords: living in community, building an efficient system, discipline, organisational skills.

Gemini 21. A labor demonstration. Keywords: opposition, fighting for ones rights, unity, friendship, representation.

Gemini 22. A barn dance. Keywords: joy, happiness, dance, art, relations, love, community, self-indulgence.

Gemini 23. Three fledglings in a nest high in a tree. Keywords: potential, native qualities, development, first steps in life, initiating actions, pioneer work, children, immature person.

Gemini 24. Children skating on ice. Keywords: joy, play, fun, satisfaction, amusement.

Gemini 25. A man trimming palms. Keywords: taking care of the environment, a careful person, honesty, aesthetic sense, calm.

Gemini 26. Winter frost in the woods. Keywords: natural state of things, simple attitude, hidden emotions.

Gemini 27. A gypsy coming out of the forest. Keywords: a new beginning, a new world, feeling like a stranger, new possibilities, opportunities, enthusiasm, social problems, integration difficulties, naivety.

Gemini 28. A man declared bankrupt. Keywords: difficulties, inability to manage a situation, crises, even when everything seems well a disaster can happen, the power to pass over crises.

Gemini 29. The first mockingbird in spring. Keywords: communication, news, intelligence, quickening.

Gemini 30. Bathing beauties. Keywords: charm, relations, sexual desires, free of responsibilities, childish vanities.