Sabian Symbols in Astrology

The Sabian Symbols from Leo

Leo 1. A case of apoplexy. Keywords: anger, crisis, need for stability, overwhelming potentiality.

Leo 2. An epidemic of mumps. Keywords: infection, uncontrolled situation, over activity, crisis.

Leo 3. A woman having her hair bobbed. Keywords: independence, fashion, exhibition, pride, decision, courage, self-expression, relations.

Leo 4. A man formally dressed and a dear with its horns folded. Keywords: formality, play, game, pictures.

Leo 5. Rock formations at the edge of a precipice. Keywords: crisis, challenging situation, energy, endurance, aggression, risks, courage, self-confidence.

Leo 6. An old- fashioned woman and an up to date girl. Keywords: contrast, creativity, fashion, progress, the gap between generations.

Leo 7. The constellations in the sky. Keywords: wisdom, calm, peace, confidence, something is working perfect, to be admired.

Leo 8. A Bolshevik propagandist. Keywords: activity, manipulation, ideals, good or bad vision, group activities, a convincing person, persuasion.

Leo 9. Glass blowers. Keywords: skill, creativity, art, performance, work.

Leo 10. Early morning dew. Keywords: refreshment, resources, positive attitude, purity, sincerity, optimism.

Leo 11. Children on a swing in a huge oak tree. Keywords: fun, joy, games, simple satisfaction, irresponsibility, delight.

Leo 12. An evening lawn party. Keywords: companionship, social life, friends, fun, naturalness.

Leo 13. An old sea captain rocking. Keywords [seems to be related with Libra 17]: memories, experience, retrospection, maturity, leadership (maybe is not obvious), strength of character, calm, to leave in the past.

Leo 14. The human soul awaiting opportunity for expression. Keywords: courage mixed with fear, desire to live life, to enjoy life, to express yourself, but in the same time precaution and a childish attitude.

Leo 15. A pageant. Keywords: show, demonstration, to act for the public, to be in the center of attention, games, play, an actor.

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Leo 16. Sunshine just after a storm. Keywords: hope, confidence, to recover after a difficult situation, to be in a good position after passing a difficult time.

Leo 17. A nonvested church choir. Keywords: to believe in something, inner faith, to sustain an idea (project) without any personal interest, art, spiritual life, to enjoy groups, community.

Leo 18. A teacher of chemistry. Keywords: education, social position, a person who can be an example, intellectual faculties, rules, authority.

Leo 19. A houseboat party. Keywords: to enjoy life and have fun, to take only the beautiful part of life, a person who hardly accepts responsibilities.

Leo 20. The Zuni sun worshipers. Keywords: spirituality, tradition, faith, to belief in a higher order, naivety.

Leo 21. Chickens intoxicated. Keywords: to be unaware of what is happening, naivety, to act like an immature person, to do everything to achieve your goals, to force yourself too much.

Leo 22. A carrier pigeon. Keywords: intelligence, communication, originality, symbolism, to make yourself useful.

Leo 23. A bareback rider. Keywords: to be a master in whatever you are doing, risk, danger, show, courage, desire for applause.

Leo 24. An untidy, unkempt man. Keywords: originality, the others are not so important, to respect your own rules, to neglect your appearance.

Leo 25. A large camel crossing the desert. Keywords: strength, courage, persuasion, persistence, the power to resist a long time in a difficult situation, to overcome from an impossible situation, to have reserves, a good character, an example.

Leo 26. A rainbow. Keywords: hope, good news, spectacle, to pass a difficult situation.

Leo 27. Daybreak. Keywords: a beginning, genesis, enthusiasm, potential, a promise.

Leo 28. Many little birds on the limb of a large tree. Keywords: happy attitude, ideas, intelligence, communication, relations, adaptability.

Leo 29. A mermaid. Keywords: fantasy, creativity, feelings, dreams, inspiration.

Leo 30. An unsealed letter. Keywords: confidence, a secret, suspicion, protected information, communication, abilities for writing, a problem of reliance.