Sabian Symbols in Astrology

The Sabian Symbols from Virgo

Virgo 1. A man’s head. Keywords: maturity, integrity, leadership, respect, social responsibility, a clear vision about life, able to take decisions, vanity.

Virgo 2. A large white cross upraised. Keywords: spirituality, symbols, social life, to impose a set of values in front of a group of people, rules, mystery.

Virgo 3. Two angels bringing protection. Keywords: hidden help, unseen protection, you really can say that “someone up there loves you”.

Virgo 4. A colored child playing with white children. Keywords: pure soul, genuine person, good intentions, naivety, differences/racism doesn’t matter.

Virgo 5. A man dreaming of fairies. Keywords: imagination, to run from the real world, hopes may not become reality, folklore.

Virgo 6. A merry-go-round. Keywords: pleasure, joy, games, cyclic experiences, routine.

Virgo 7. A harem. Keywords: fighting with many people for the same objective, sexual desires are strong, jealousy, power, display of power, ambition.

Virgo 8. First dancing instruction. Keywords: to learn, to develop a skill, talent, art, to teach, to assist, a friendly attitude, to establish relations, to cooperate.

Virgo 9. A man making a futurist drawing. Keywords: talent, art, poetry, intuition, originality, creativity, the ability to “see”, anticipate the future.

Virgo 10. Two heads looking out and beyond the shadows. Keywords: transcendental powers of comprehension, the inner and outer facets of reality are merged in the effectiveness of judgment, intelligence, the ability to understand both sides in every given issue.

Virgo 11. A boy molded in his mother’s aspiration for him. Keywords: to try to meet the expectations, to become what another person or the society wants for you, even you succeed you may realise that is not what you want, to achieve a good social position.

Virgo 12. A bride with her veil snatched away. Keywords: purity, good intentions, honesty, sincerity, secrets and lies won’t stand, courage, personal ideas are more important than the society rules.

Virgo 13. A strong hand supplanting political hysteria. Keywords: personality, powerful social position, the ability to bring order even in an anarchic society, an organised person, leadership, a decision maker.

Virgo 14. A family tree. Keywords: tradition, heritage, the family history is important, to analyze deeply every issue.

Virgo 15. An ornamental handkerchief. Keywords: aesthetic instinct, artistic skill, charm, fine personal manners, educated and polite person.

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Virgo 16. An orangutan. Keywords: a symbol of evolution, the intellectual abilities are most important in this picture, civilization, education, brain can make the difference.

Virgo 17. A volcano in eruption. Keywords: too much energy, maybe you are not using your resources in the most efficient way, uncontrolled behaviour, expansion, great potential.

Virgo 18. An ouija board. Keywords: spiritual experiences, superstition, intuition, the feeling that there is more that the material world.

Virgo 19. A swimming race. Keywords: competition, contest, the desire to be the best in whatever you are doing, natural behaviour, sincerity, honesty.

Virgo 20. An automobile caravan. Keywords: social life can become exhausting, you are looking for vacation and time to relax, ready for new experiences.

Virgo 21. A girls basketball team. Keywords: courage to confront old habits, traditions or ideas, competition, someone underestimated can surprise the audience, the issue of equal rights may become actual.

Virgo 22. A royal coat of arms. Keywords: authority, social power, strong desires, conflict, fights, fortune.

Virgo 23. An animal trainer. Keywords: order, organisation, rules, education, evolution, a person who wants to impose her ideas, patience.

Virgo 24. Mary and her white lamb. Keywords: a good heart and pure soul, honesty, peace, friendship, an innocent person, faith.

Virgo 25. A flag at half-mast. Keywords: respect, sacrifice, social recognition, somber attitude/life, reputation.

Virgo 26. A boy with a censer. Keywords: to learn, to work, to integrate, real/fake faith, dedication to a cause.

Virgo 27. Grande dames at tea. Keywords: social recognition, to succeed in career, to respect the social rules, experience, maturity, to enjoy life at a high level, a sophisticated person.

Virgo 28. A bald-headed man. Keywords: personality, dominance, competence, rigid control of others, experience, maturity.

Virgo 29. A man gaining secret knowledge from a paper he is reading. Keywords: mystery, to have more than average information, advantage, wisdom, curiosity, an inquisitive person, chance, discovery.

Virgo 30. A false call unheard in attention to immediate service. Keywords: responsibility, the ability to distinguish important from insignificant problems, concentration, integrity.