Sabian Symbols in Astrology

The Sabian Symbols from Scorpio

Scorpio 1. A sight-seeing bus. Keywords: curiosity, enthusiasm, courage, friendliness, socialisation, to expect new experiences, to take advantage from opportunities.

Scorpio 2. A broken bottle and spilled perfume. Keywords: sophisticated character, drama, sensual attitude, strong desires, relations are important, love relations can end up bad, crisis.

Scorpio 3. A house – raising. Keywords: solidarity, teamwork, cooperation, proactive attitude, useful activity and ideas, ideals which become reality, respect, honour.

Scorpio 4. A youth holding a lighted candle. Keywords: spirituality, confidence, true contact with inner and transcendental realms of reality, naivety.

Scorpio 5. A massive, rocky shore. Keywords: stubbornness, tenacity, stabilization, conservatism, resistance, firmness of personality.

Scorpio 6. A gold rush. Keywords: materialism, ambition, initiative, courage, independence, risk, irresistible desire for money.

Scorpio 7. Deep-sea divers. Keywords: deep experiences, to seek the most dramatic and intense experiences in a relationship, involvement, psychological abilities.

Scorpio 8. The moon shining across a lake. Keywords: love, romance, feelings, imagination, magic, release, harmony, peace.

Scorpio 9. Dental work. Keywords: effort to repair things, service for others, support, to help, science, education, friendship, practicality.

Scorpio 10. A fellowship supper. Keywords: fraternity, friendship, distinction, honour, respect.

Scorpio 11. A drowning man rescued. Keywords: a crisis may end up well, accidents, to help, to save a person from a difficult situation.

Scorpio 12. An embassy ball. Keywords: display, power, high social position, formality, to represent a group, social respect, privilege.

Scorpio 13. An inventor experimenting. Keywords: creativity, intellectual abilities, resources, cleverness, a different way to think.

Scorpio 14. Telephone linemen at work. Keywords: communication, information, news, work, duty, responsibility.

Scorpio 15. Children playing around five mounds of sand. Keywords: simplicity, ingenuity, naivety, relations, purity, integrity.

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Scorpio 16. A girl’s face breaking into a smile. Keywords: harmony, peace, good relations with others, friendship.

Scorpio 17. A woman the father of her own child. Keywords: family responsibilities, strong involvement in the family life, courage, attitude, masculine behaviour.

Scorpio 18. A woods rich in autumn coloring. Keywords: fulfillment, success, ideals, achievements, rewards.

Scorpio 19. A parrot listening and them talking. Keywords: education, intelligence, to integrate, to meet the expectations, to try, to use your resources efficiently.

Scorpio 20. A woman drawing two dark curtains aside. Keywords: courage, to dare, to investigate, suspicious person, to search/to show hidden events/facts.

Scorpio 21. A soldier derelict in duty. Keywords: expectations of others are not met, undisciplined person, to disobey orders, deviation.

Scorpio 22. Hunters starting out for ducks. Keywords: courage, to fight to achieve your goals, to be aggressive, to have an advantage over others, action.

Scorpio 23. A bunny metamorphosed into a fairy. Keywords: imagination, creativity, transition, transformation.

Scorpio 24. Crowds coming down to mountain to listen to one man. Keywords: wisdom, inspiration, honour, a famous person, intellectual skills, recognition, authority.

Scorpio 25. An X ray. Keywords: investigation, power of analysis, criticism, technology, progress.

Scorpio 26. Indians making camp. Keywords: family, protection, resources, emphasis on the practical side.

Scorpio 27. A military band on the march. Keywords: courage, responsibility, duty, honour, dangers, loyalty.

Scorpio 28. The king of the fairies approaching his domain. Keywords: imagination, vision, outer realities, self-indulgence.

Scorpio 29. An Indian squaw pleading to the chief for the lives of her children. Keywords: courage, sacrifice for family, feelings, love for family, persuasive person, drama.

Scorpio 30. The Halloween jester. Keywords: humor, popularity, entertainment, spontaneity, to hide under a mask, to present a happy face to the world, ambition.