Sabian Symbols in Astrology

The Sabian Symbols from Sagittarius

Sagittarius 1. A Grand Army of the Republic campfire. Keywords: courage, honour, respect, to represent, to help, communication, friendly attitude, memories.

Sagittarius 2. The ocean covered with whitecaps. Keywords: restlessness consciousness, irritability, emotionally unstable person, powerful energy.

Sagittarius 3. Two men playing chess. Keywords: strategy, wisdom, intelligence, to calculate your actions, authority, discipline, concentration, confrontation.

Sagittarius 4. A little child learning to walk. Keywords: to learn, education, to achieve, to help, protection, to sustain, to integrate, to face new situations.

Sagittarius 5. An old owl up in a tree. Keywords: wisdom, experience, tact, respect, calm.

Sagittarius 6. A game of cricket. Keywords: elegance, fair play, challenge, competence.

Sagittarius 7. Cupid knocking at the door. Keywords: love, romance, relations, a friendly person, love may appear unexpected.

Sagittarius 8. Rocks and things forming therein. Keywords: composition, roots, foundation, inner side of a person, hidden existence.

Sagittarius 9. A mother with her children on stairs. Keywords: protection, evolution, progress, family, education.

Sagittarius 10. A golden-haired goddess of opportunity. Keywords: protection, good fortune, support from others, reward, confidence.

Sagittarius 11. The lamp of physical enlightenment at the left temple. Keywords: wisdom, reconciliation, experience, to search for knowledge.

Sagittarius 12. A flag that turns into an eagle that crows. Keywords: representation, ideas become actions, groups, to promote an idea or to create a group.

Sagittarius 13. A widow past’s brought to light. Keywords: to reveal secrets, gossip, to offend people, rectification.

Sagittarius 14. The Pyramids and the Sphinx. Keywords: culture, wisdom, education, erudition, values that last forever, a stable and powerful personality, principles.

Sagittarius 15. The ground hog looking for its shadow.Keywords: to search, to predict, to foresee, symbolism, intelligence, to try to anticipate, skill. reassurance, timidity.

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Sagittarius 16. Sea gulls watching a ship.Keywords: opportunity, intuition, to help, to ask for privileges and rewards.

Sagittarius 17. An Easter sunrise service.Keywords: religion, spirituality, immortal values, purity, sacrifice.

Sagittarius 18. Tiny children in sunbonnets.Keywords: innocence, immaturity, happiness, friendship.

Sagittarius 19. Pelicans moving their habitat.Keywords: wisdom, integrity, harmony, change, evolution, transformation.

Sagittarius 20. Men cutting through ice.Keywords: will, ambition, strength, organisation, to find solutions when it seems impossible.

Sagittarius 21. A child and a dog with borrowed eyeglasses.Keywords: false image, confusion, immaturity, superficiality, play, joy.

Sagittarius 22. A Chinese laundry.Keywords: utility, practical attitude, work, new culture, foreign experiences.

Sagittarius 23. Immigrants entering.Keywords: experiences in foreign countries, broad vision, opportunities, to leave natal places, to be different, to be like a stranger.

Sagittarius 24. A bluebird standing at the door of the house.Keywords: luck, rewards, unexpected opportunity, fortune, happiness, to enjoy life.

Sagittarius 25. A chubby boy on a hobby horse.Keywords: luxury, self-indulgence, pleasure, easy life, good social position.

Sagittarius 26. A flag-bearer.Keywords: symbol, to represent a group, to sustain an idea, courage, respect, sacrifice.

Sagittarius 27. A sculptor.Keywords: vision, ideas, plan, creativity, skill, determination.

Sagittarius 28. An old bridge over a beautiful stream.Keywords: maturity, immortal values, experience, stability, dependence, connection, memories.

Sagittarius 29. A fat boy moving the lawn.Keywords: to help, to try to be useful, determination, ambition, to be rejected, some people may not accept you as you are.

Sagittarius 30. The Pope.Keywords: religion, respect, very powerful social position, leader, spirituality, influence.