Sabian Symbols in Astrology

The Sabian Symbols presented below are the original ones, presented in the book Sabian Symbols of Marc Edmund Jones, but the most keywords are my interpretation. The keywords may represent the symbol in a positive or negative way, as the person may live the good or bad part of the same image.

The Sabian Symbols from Aries

Aries 1. A woman rises out of water, a seal rises and embraces her. Keywords: initiative, courage, connection with the unconscious realm, receptivity, emotions, harmony, peace, feminine qualities.

Aries 2. A comedian entertaining a group. Keywords:  intelligence, amusement, friendship, social life, friendly attitude, outgoing person, dreamy, not to take life serious, not being materialistic, impulsive, trying to make an impact on others, persuasion, active, entertaining.

Aries 3. A cameo profile of a man in the outline of his country. Keywords: leadership, the power to represent a group, courage, loyalty, nationalism, important social position, the most important people from a country, popularity, social support, masculine qualities.

Aries 4. Two lovers strolling through a secluded walk. Keywords: enjoyment, love, dreamy, looking for the world pleasures, beautiful, attractive, interested in relations, calm, reserved person, looking for self-indulgence, seclusion from the world, subjectivity, fear of social responsibilities, secrets.

Aries 5. A triangle with wings. Keywords: self-fulfillment, skills, equilibrium.

Aries 6. A square brightly lighted on one side. Keywords: experience, activity, transformation, to find the solution after defeats.

Aries 7. A man successfully expressing himself in two realms at once. Keywords: proficiency, able to focus in two places in the same time, versatility, creativity, complete control of events.

Aries 8. A large hat with streamers flying, facing east. Keywords: creativity, unconditioned and complete co-operation, looking for experiences and opportunities.

Aries 9. A crystal gazer. Keywords: the higher faculties of human understanding, occultism, curiosity.

Aries 10. A man teaching new forms for old symbols. Keywords: wisdom, tradition, protecting and improving old knowledge, rectification, progress, generosity.

Aries 11. The president of the country. Keywords: authority, leadership, ruler, rules, order, duty, determination, success, triumph, achievements, power, popularity, social support.

Aries 12. A flock of wild geese. Keywords: freedom, nature, beauty, peace, calm, independence, rejecting the world industrialisation, hard to control, irresponsibility.

Aries 13. An unsuccessful bomb explosion. Keywords: a last minute chance, a chance to solve the problems in the last instance, even then when it seems impossible, passing near a great danger, the victory of good against evil, terrorism, enemies, hidden dangers.

Aries 14. A serpent coiling near a man and a woman. Keywords: revelation, temptation, sin, self-discipline, being aware of both good and evil.

Aries 15. An Indian weaving a blanket. Keywords: security, ritual, defence, courage, energy, to have the means and power to do what you want, confidence, to represent a specific culture, persistence, to keep tradition.

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Aries 16. Brownies dancing in the setting sun. Keywords: good fortune, opportunity as direct fruitage of effort, friendly relations, happiness, communication, social attitude, altruism, enthusiasm, love of life, little experience, naivety.

Aries 17. Two prim spinsters. Keywords: divorce, loneliness, seclusion, virtue, distinction or pretense distinction.

Aries 18. An empty hammock. Keywords: a vacation, desire for vacation, for free time which may not come, entertainment, fear of responsibilities.

Aries 19. The magic carpet. Keywords: freedom of spirit, idealistic possibilities, a panoramic view, a broad mind, a good perspective of the whole situation, an unusual person, jokes, happiness, an immature view of life.

Aries 20. A young girl feeding birds in winter. Keywords: protection, generosity, nourishment, the native good qualities of human beings, a character unchanged by the world’s temptations, a chance which comes in the last moment or unexpected.

Aries 21. A pugilist entering the ring. Keywords: courage, motivation, energy, force, action, the desire to prove your qualities, to perform, risks, accidents, quarrels.

Aries 22. The gate to the garden of desire. Keywords: the feeling that you are close to reach your objectives may prove to be real or an illusion, a state of confusion, uncertainty.

Aries 23. A women in pastel colors carrying a heavy and valuable but veiled load. Keywords: the appearance may prove not to be real, something is not as it seems to be, the power to do hard jobs with a smile on the face, courage, skill, cleverness, a person who hides her values, a person who gains fortune in an immoral way.

Aries 24. An open window and a net curtain blowing into a cornucopia. Keywords: good luck, abundance, the good facet of life, materialism.

Aries 25. A double promise. Keywords: insincerity, the desire to do more that is possible, cleverness, relations, sociable person, unreliable person.

Aries 26. A man possessed of more gifts than he can hold. Keywords: good fortune, many qualities, a very gifted person, many qualities which can’t be efficiently used, waste of fortune.

Aries 27. Lost opportunity regained in the imagination. Keywords: the power of mind, conceptual mind, bad luck, naivety, fear of reality, unrealistic person.

Aries 28. A large disappointed audience. Keywords: lack of popularity, the feeling that you are not wanted or you are not acting as you should, courage, power to resist to other people requests, insensitive.

Aries 29. A celestial choir singing. Keywords: faith, veneration, friendship, fantasy, visions, aspirations, drama.

Aries 30. A duck pond and its brood. Keywords: the natural state of things, calm, nothing unusual, peace, resources, simple life.