5.    1846 – 1882, 27 Aquarius – first conjunction  on 5 September  1846

-    from Marxism to socialist parties

a)    First conjunction (1845 –  1847) – Saturn conjunct Neptune in Aquarius

- The Communist League was established in June 1847 in London, England. It is regarded as the first Marxist political party;

- The Communist Manifesto was published in 1848 by Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels, one of the most important political writings;

- The European Revolutions of 1848 (Spring of nations) were a series of general political upheavals which began in France and continued in the German states, the Austrian Empire, the Italian states, Denmark, Wallachia, Poland, and others. It was a general collapse for the traditional system, but in a year the revolutions were defeated.

b)    Opposition (1861 – 1864) – Saturn in Virgo (Libra) opposes Neptune in Pisces (Aries)

- between 1862 – 1864 take place many protests, strikes and are established many coalitions involving the working class;

- First International, an international organization which aimed at uniting a variety of different left-wing socialist, communist and anarchist political groups was formed in 1864


6.    1809 – 1846, 7 Sagittarius – first conjunction  on 1 December  1809

– the Saturn – Neptune cycle is overlapping with Saturn – Uranus (1805 – 1852) cycle

a)    First conjunction (1809 – 1810) – Saturn conjunct Neptune in Sagittarius

- in Europe, nationalism, patriotism and  solidarity were displayed as the countries were fighting together against Napoleon;

- the Spanish – American wars of independence (1808-1833) began in that period with movements in Venezuela, Argentina, Chile, Mexico

b)    Opposition  (1826 – 1829) – Saturn in Cancer opposes Neptune in Capricorn

- the opposition is overlapping with Saturn – Uranus opposition (1828 – 1829) and is joining another set of aspects:  Jupiter – Neptune conjunction (1830), Jupiter – Uranus conjunction (1831), Jupiter – Saturn opposition (1832), all in a period of 5 years (1827 – 1832) marked by the revolutionary wave of 1830 – 1831, the independence of Belgium (1831), the autonomy of Serbia (1830), defeats for the old regimes in Portugal, Spain Switzerland. It is a period when bourgeoisie, capitalism, liberalism, nationalism is born. On the other hand, the workers start to appear as a social power, as protests and unions are developing.  The two powers are face to face.  


7.    1773 – 1809, 19 Virgo – first conjunction  on 27 September  1773

a)    First conjunction (1772 – 1774) – Saturn conjunct Neptune in Virgo

- The Boston Tea Party (1773) was a protest by colonists in Boston, a town in the British colony of Massachusetts, against the British government; the crisis escalated, and the American Revolutionary War began near Boston in 1775.