Pluto_1.jpgThe physical Pluto is the second most massive dwarf planet from our Solar System, originally classified as the ninth planet from the Sun.

In modern astrology it is the ruler of Scorpio.


In the horoscope Pluto symbolizes:

– a process of total transformation of the being or the system;

– death and resurrection;

– manipulation, to work behind the scene;

– desire to control, love of power;

– a complete breakdown of the current reality;

– death, sexuality;

– politics, the ability to convince or manipulate people.


Strengths for people with a dominant Pluto in their horoscope

– the power to help in the process of transformation, healers, therapists;

– courage, power.


Weaknesses for people with a dominant Pluto in their horoscope

– mental illness;

– people who force the change, terrorists, criminal;

– people who lie or manipulate others in order to gain power, love of power, abuse of power;

– doping.


Weaknesses for people with a weak Pluto in their horoscope

– inability to transform yourself or to accept the change.


More about Pluto:

Pluto in mundane astrology


Famous people with a dominant Pluto in their horoscope

Lance Armstrong (September 18, 1971 – Pluto with the Sun, Moon and Mercury in Virgo), Marquis de Sade (June 2, 1740 – Pluto on the Ascendant in Scorpio), Vladimir Putin (October 7, 1952 – Pluto on the MC in Leo, Ascendant in Scorpio), Steven Seagal (April 10, 1952 – Pluto on the Ascendant in Leo).



Horoscope Symbols by Robert Hand

Neptune – Pluto cycle


Neptune – Pluto  is a cycle of 300 – 500 years characterised by:


Neptune – Pluto current cycle:


1.    1891 – 2385, 9 Gemini – first conjunction on 3 August 1891

General delineation

The current Neptune – Pluto cycle (chart of the cycle is the picture below) has the following characteristics:





a)    First conjunction (1884 – 1899) – Neptune conjunct Pluto in Gemini

– Fall

b)    First square (2055 – 2071) – Neptune in Gemini (Cancer) square Pluto in Pisces (Aries)


c)    Opposition (2131 – 2147) – Neptune in Sagittarius opposes Pluto in Gemini




Neptune – Pluto previous cycles


2.    1398 – 1891, 4 Gemini – first conjunction on 22 June 1398


a)    First conjunction (1391 – 1406) – Neptune conjunct Pluto in Gemini

b)    First square (1563 – 1578) – Neptune in Gemini (Cancer) square Pluto in Pisces


c)    Opposition (1637 – 1654) – Neptune in Scorpio (Sagittarius) opposes Pluto in Taurus (Gemini)


d)    Second square (1810 – 1825) – Neptune in Sagittarius (Capricorn) square Pluto in Pisces (Aries)


3.    905 – 1398, 28 Taurus – first conjunction on 21 May 905


a)    First conjunction (898 – 913) – Neptune conjunct Pluto in Taurus, Gemini

b)    First square (1070 – 1084) – Neptune in Gemini square Pluto in Pisces


c)    Opposition (1143 – 1161) – Neptune in Scorpio (Sagittarius) opposes Pluto in Taurus (Gemini)


d)    Second square (1317 – 1332) – Neptune in Sagittarius square Pluto in Pisces


Pluto in mundane astrology


The meaning of Pluto in mundane astrology:


– the power to change through transformation as any system comes to the period of decay, death and rebirth;

– psychotic outbreaks in the collective unconscious;

– autocracy, control; power, how to be in power, how to retain power;

– manipulation of the masses, politics;

– corruption, terrorism, organised crime, mass murder, kidnapping;

– violent, dramatic experience in order to fundamentally transform the society; Pluto was discovered when the Third Reich was rising, the Nazi Germany was related with Pluto by many astrologers;

– Hermetism and depth psychology, lost knowledge which is rediscovered, secrets which are revealed.



Institutions and people which represent the process symbolised by Pluto:

– hidden, secret organisations;

– archeologists;

– criminals, terrorists;

– politicians, actors, propagandists.


Historical events symbolised by Pluto:

– the period when Pluto was discovered (1930): the rise of the Third Reich (1933);


Uranus – Pluto cycle

Uranus – Pluto is a cycle of 113-141 years characterised by:

– rebellion against authoritarianism; freedom against oppression; to fight for the individual rights against the system; to fight for weak or discriminated groups like women, minorities, slaves etc.

– new ways to have power, new groups who want power, new ideas about who/how should have power;

– rise and fall of empires and their cultural, political and religious views;

– change through violence, sudden eruptions of collective movements in society, upheavals;

– dramatic, catastrophic events; nuclear weapons/war;

– social control, fear;

– subversive, obsessive actions;

– resistance, conservatism;

– destructive and reconstructive phase.

Uranus – Pluto current cycle

1.    1965 – 2104, 17 Virgo – first conjunction  on 9 October 1965

General delineation

As one can see from the chart of the cycle, in the picture below, the current Uranus – Plutocycle has the following characteristics:

– it is in Virgo and in the third house which means that it will change things symbolised by Virgo: obedience to the system, materialism, order, conventional morality and the third house: the way we learn, how we get information, how we move, travel or how we think;

– it is in opposition with Saturn which show that the process symbolised by this cycle will meet quite a resistance from the current, old structures which are in use and accepted by the society; also shows that the effects will be very visible in the material world, especially when Saturn will be involved, it won’t be a change only in the mental plane or in our unconscious world.




a)    First conjunction (1962 – 1969) – Uranus conjunct Pluto in Virgo

– emergence of electronics, computer;

– hippie movement, birth of drugs;

– decolonisation of Africa (32 African countries gained independence in the 1960’s);

– The 6 Days War of 1967, The Vietnam War and American citizens protests against the atrocities (1968);

– the Feminist movements (1960’s) and the Civil Rights Movements (1965);

– The Cuban Missile Crisis from Cuba, 1962, was the moment when the Cold War came closest to a nuclear war.

b) First square (2009 – 2018) – Uranus in Aries square Pluto in Capricorn

– protests against the current system, capitalism; people want a new order, a new political system (Capricorn), a new way (more equitable) to govern; 

– the Arab Spring is a revolutionary wave that began on December 18, 2010 with protests and demonstrations in the Arab world. “People want to bring down the regime” is the slogan of the movements, which very often ended in violence. Rulers have been forced from power in Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, and Yemen. Other civil uprisings have erupted in Bahrain and Syria; major protests have broken out in Algeria, Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait, Morocco and Sudan. People believe that dictatorship or absolute monarchy, human rights violations, government corruption generates extreme poverty and can not be supported any more.

– the period December 2013 – July 2014 marked a climax for this square as Mars in Libra was in opposition with Uranus and square Pluto, Jupiter was in Cancer for several months completing the grand cross, and other planets also put pressure from time to time.

Numerous crimes, accidents, wars, battles took place. One of the most characteristic catastrophic events that happened:

    – 29.12.2013, 12:45 (08:45 GMT), the suicide bomber from Russia’s Volgograd train station

– the second blast from Volvograd, 30.12.2013;

Michael Schumacher accident from 29 December 2013, 11:07 local time (10:07 GMT);

      – the bombing campaign started from 15 December, 2013 by the Syrian government on the city Aleppo;

      – the protests from Ukraine which began in 21 November 2013 and demanded European integration;


c) Opposition (2043– 2049)

Saturn – Pluto cycle

Saturn – Pluto is a cycle of 33 years characterised by:

– represents a process of crisis, transformation, destruction of the current system, authority figures or institutions; sabotage;

– deeply forces, archetypes find real people, institutions to manifest and try to control the world, often by destruction and violent means; eruption of the collective unconscious;

– the conflicts generated are based much more on feelings, emotional issues than a conflict generat by Uranus with Saturn, for example; the aspect may symbolise that disregarding ones religion, civilisation, way to live, values, culture may generate anger and lead to war soon or later; the issue of persecutor and persecuted;

– fight for domination, control, power;

– wars, which usually break out at the conjunction and opposition;

– cataclysmic events.


Saturn – Pluto current cycle


1.   1982 – 2020, 28 Libra – first conjunction on 8 November 1982


General delineation

The current Saturn – Pluto cycle (chart of the cycle is the picture below) has the following characteristics:

– it seems to be connected with the oil issue, and with the Middle East, as an instrument to dominate the world;

– terrorist activity of the Islamic fundamentalists is an issue of this cycle, as a reaction to the dominating position of the United States and its allies;




a)    First conjunction (1981 – 1983) – Saturn conjunct Pluto in Libra

– The Iran – Iraq war started (1980 – 1988) started just before this cycle  

– support for the Talibans by the United States in the war against Russia in Afghanistan;

– support for the Iraq by the United States and other countries in the war against Iran;

The Falklands War (1982) was a conflict between United Kingdom and Argentina; the oil reserve near the island could be an important reason of the interest for this area.


b)    First square (1992 – 1994) – Saturn in Aquarius square Pluto in Scorpio

– the war in Yugoslavia began (1991 – 1999)  

– the terrorist bombing attack of World Trade Center from 1993; 

c)    Opposition (2001 – 2003) – Saturn in Gemini opposes Pluto in Sagittarius

The September 11 terrorist attacks were a series of four suicide attacks that were committed in the United States on September 11, 2001, coordinated to strike the areas of New York City and Washington, D.C.; it a reversal of the beginning of the cycle when USA supported the Talibans against Russia, terrorism was seeded by the USA military help given to Islamic militants in Afghanistan in 1983;

– in October 2011, the War in Afghanistan (2001 – present) began, as a response after the 9/11 events; 

– terrorism became a global problem and serious measures were taken to protect against that threat which could come from anywhere; it was also a war related with religious problems, as the terrorists are mainly Islam fundamentalists;

– the Iraq War (2003 – 2011) started in 2003 with the invasion of the United States and United Kingdom in Iraq, which claimed that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction, but they found nothing; critics say that they looked for connections with terrorism and tried to control a country with important oil reserves;

– economic recession;

d)    Second square (2009 – 2011) – Saturn in Libra square Pluto in Capricorn

– one of the deadliest earthquakes in history (over 230.000 deaths) took place in Haiti, Port-au-Prince, on January 12, 2010