Night & Day – Planetary Sect in Astrology


night and day

Published in 1995 by Arhat Publications, this 68 pages booklet is trying to determine the differences when interpreting a diurnal or nocturnal chart.

First we should see the table from page 5 with the diurnal and nocturnal planets. The most diurnal planet is the Sun, then Jupiter and Saturn. Mercury is in the middle, he is not strongly influenced by sect. The nocturnal planets begin with Venus, after that is Mars and the last, the most nocturnal planet is the Moon.


To see the influence of sect we must look at 3 aspects:

  1. If the chart is diurnal or nocturnal and what planets corresponds.
  2. The sect of signs (signs can also be diurnal or nocturnal) and the planets that correspond.
  3. The nature of placement. For example, a planet is placed diurnally when is above the horizon in the daytime or below at night.