toroMythological lore

For this asteroid we don’t have any mythological history, he is named after Mrs. Samuel Herrick (a United States Representative from Ohio). Was discovered in 1862 and, due to resonance, is sometimes called "Earth’s second satellite".


          Martha Lang-Wescott analysis

“Toro is Ernest Hemingway heaven… think of Spain and corridas and the streets crowded with men who prove their courage in the running of the bulls. Test of testosterone![…] It is attempting to use force to get your way. It’s being “pushy” and overly assertive or aggressive.[…] It also making with the muscles or doing the bull work. […] The positive Toro is competitive and assertive (through the Sign, House and Aspect Pattern). Where Toro aspects more passive energies (such as the Moon, Venus, Neptune or retrograde planets) or is tied in a highly stressful Aspect Pattern, the individual has used these planet to defend him or herself from the anger, violence or pushiness of others. […] The retrograde Toro has been on the hard or receiving end of aggressions and tends to prefer non-violent approach. […]Positive Toro individuals show the strength through competition (often being involved, at some time in the life, in competitive sports.) They can be intimidating almost unintentionally; […]By transit, Toro equates to “storm trooper tactics” regarding the planet being transited. Transit to Toro are situations and people to which one reacts brusquely  and aggressively; anger can easily slip out of proportion.”

                                                        Mechanics of the Future – Asteroids, 1988


It is clear that is about energy, anger, courage, commitment, involvement, strength, challenges or competition. Let’s see what we can add here!



Aspect: Toro conjunction Moon and Jupiter, square Mars(-0,59)

Latitude: -3,2


M. Lang-Wescott analysis (Toro and Moon): to feel bullied by the mother; to have relationship struggles with others because they are macho, angry or unresponsive to one’s needs and vulnerability; to see the mother be the victim of threats and physical intimidation; to see anger as a reaction to a emotion; to become aggressive instead of dealing honestly with feelings; domestic abuse; emotional abuse.

Nothing very important happened… The subject had an unexpected quarrel with one of his colleagues and, because it was his superior, he was forced to do something that he didn’t wanted. It caused him a bad mood in that day.

Conclusion: This event is similar with what M. Lang-Wescott wrote. Is about a conflict, an unexpected conflict which happens at the office. Not at home, but I think this can be explained with the presence of Jupiter there. Of course, one can’t be sure that Toro generated this aspect, could be a lot of other minor aspects capable of producing that, but we will be able to judge this more clear in the future, when more examples will be presented here. I will give a 7/10 for this match.