ceres_goddes_of_grain.jpegMythological lore

Ceres is the roman goddess of growing plants and of motherly love, usually equated with the Greek goddess Demeter. Ceres was the daughter of Saturn and Ops, wife-sister of Jupiter, mother of Proserpina by Jupiter and sister of Juno, Vesta, Neptune and Pluto. Ceres was also patron of Enna, Sicily.

The Romans adopted Ceres in 496 BC during a devastating famine, when the Sibylline books advised the adoption of her Greek equivalent Demeter, along with Kore(Persephone) and  Iacchus (possibly Dionysus). Ceres was personified and celebrated by women in secret rituals at the festival of Ambarvalia, held during May. The worship of Ceres became particularly associated with the plebeian classes, who dominated the grain trade.

The word cereals derives from Ceres, commemorating her association with edible grains.

The dwarf planet Ceres (discovered 1801), is named after this goddess.


Martha Lang-Wescott analysis

“See Ceres primarily that deal with the mother-child relationship (or variation thereof), the nature of that relationship and events that center on food and “taking care of” (plants, animals and people) and “growing things” (including cysts and warts!). […] Ceres indicates how well one feels protected, accepted, cared for and truly nurtured by his environment and the world. […] Ceres has also a darker side (re: Demeter) and seems to play an important role in death charts and vindictive themes regarding children. Ceres can indicate an extended period of mourning and long term feelings of grief and loss.”

                                                          Mechanics of the Future – Asteroids, 1988

We can see a lot of similarities between those two points of view regarding food, the mother-child relation, the environment protection and sustain.

 Now, let’s see  how our experiences with Ceres match those significations!


Aspect: Ceres (retrograde) conjunction Venus (from +1,21 to +0,09)

Latitude: +16,39


M. Lang-Wescott analysis: to show love by “acting like a Mommy”; to want to nurture and take care of people one loves; love expressed between mother and child; financial incidents in connection with a mother and/or child; beautiful food presentation can be important.


Events: In that week the subject didn’t get to work because he had an injury and had to stay home. Also, his mother had a health problem and she had to stay home! They work in different towns so they don’t see each other to often but, in that week they spent a lot of time together! His workmates (especially girls) called him to see what is happening and to sustain. So, the relation with his mother became more prominent and, also, he felt people taking care of him. 


Conclusion:  I think what happened had many similarities with what is known about Ceres and I will give a 7/10 (7 points from 10) for this match.