eurydikeMythological lore

In Greek mythology, Eurydice was an oak nymph or a sweet maiden. She was the wife of Orpheus. Orpheus loved her dearly; on their wedding day, Orpheus played songs filled with happiness as his bride danced through the meadow. One day, a satyr had seen her and pursued her. Eurydice stepped on a snake and fell to the ground. The venomous snake had bitten her, leaving Eurydice dead. Distraught, Orpheus played and sang so mournfully that all the nymphs and gods wept. In their saddened states, they told him to travel to the Underworld and retrieve her. Orpheus did so, and by his music softened the hearts of Hades and Persephone, his singing so sweet that even the Erinyes wept. In another version, Orpheus played his lyre to put the guardian of Hades, Cerberus, to sleep. It was then granted that Eurydice be allowed to return with him to the world of the living. But the condition was attached that he should walk in front of her and not look back until he had reached the upper world. In his anxiety, he broke his promise, and Eurydice vanished again from his sight—this time forever.


The asteroid Eurydice (discovered 1862), is named after this goddess.


Martha Lang-Wescott analysis

She does not present this asteroid in the book  "Mechanics of the Future – Asteroids", from 1988, but in "Angles and Prediction", 2007. Probably, she didn’t take in account Eurydice in 1977. In "Angles and Prediction" are presented only the aspects with other planets and asteroids and, we can see, that everything is connected with the verb "depend". It seems like Eurydice brings a dependence from whatever is symbolized by planet or asteroid with whom she is connected."Depend on" is the key for understanding Eurydice!


Again, the two points of view are not matching. The mythology don’t tell anything about dependence in this case.

Let’s see what we can add here!


Aspect: Eurydice (retrograde) conjunction Mercury (from +0,1 to -0,47)

Latitude: +1,07


M. Lang-Wescott analysis: people depending on their siblings; dependence on cars or a mean of transportation; some actions will depend on a certain paperwork, a conversation or the ability to get one`s point across; people hitch their star to “mental products” and to the way their brain explains the world to and for them; there may be much talk about various forms of “dependency”.  


Events: In those days, the subject was trying to build a web site, but he didn’t know to use any of the web sites software. Even he knew how the site will look like, he couldn’t do anything! It was like he was bound hand and foot!  So, he had to learn some programs which helped him to accomplish his goal.


Conclusion: The dependency of learning to use a software was obvious. I think it is clear that learning to use software is an activity symbolized by Mercury. Very simple now, represents dependency on Mercury, exactly like in Martha Lang-Wescott book, so I will give 10/10 points for this match.