Testimonies for Proserpina


Mythological lore


Proserpina is an ancient goddess, daughter of Ceres, goddess of agriculture and crops and Jupiter, the god of sky and thunder. The myth says that when Proserpina was in Sicily, playing with some nymphs and collecting flowers, Pluto came out from the volcano Etna with four black horses and abducted her in order to marry and live with her in Hades, the Greco-Roman Underworld. Her mother Ceres went looking for her in vain to every corner of the earth and, desperate, stopped the growth of fruits and vegetables in Sicily. Also, refused to go back to the Mount Olympus and started walking on Earth, making a desert at every step. Worried, Jupiter sent Mercury to order Pluto to free Proserpina but, because she had eaten pomegranate seeds from Pluto, she couldn’t return to the world of living. Still, they come to an agreement that Proserpina will live each year six months with Pluto and the rest with her mother. 


This was named The Myth of Springtime because it is considered an allegory for the changing of seasons. Proserpina signifies the seed-corn which is cast to the ground (carried to the Underworld) and reappears in spring (restored to her mother).


The asteroid Proserpina 26, discovered on 5 May 1853 by the German astronomer Robert Luther, is named after this goddess.


Martha Lang-Wescott analysis

“Proserpina shows: the inner/other life of the child (away from the mother) or conflicts between parents or family and partner. It can also show examples of shared custody or loss of & separation from children. Proserpina deal with experiences away from home and family; they show what happen when "mother’s not there to take care of you"[…] it’s your experience of being away from the family and what makes you "different" from other family members. […] deal with life passages – time when you must "leave" one place and go to another; the asteroids address what impels these transitions, as well as how you handle them. They can indicate "separation anxiety".[…]"    

                                                         Mechanics of the Future – Asteroids, 1988 


We can see that mythology and astrology have a similar view about Proserpina because both deals with the concept of separation from home. It is related with what is happening when you (are forced to) leave family, with periods when you feel alone, like a stranger. We can observe though, that the similarities end here and we can’t go further with our analogy to reach images like abduction, destruction, fertility, death.    


Now, let’s see if we can understand more clear this asteroid using practical astrology examples!


Aspect: Proserpina conjunction Moon (from -0,57 to +0,42)

Latitude: -02,25


M. Lang-Wescott analysis: there’s a sense that one is "apart" from their mother or child; stories about abducted or missing children; the emotions one feels because is away from his family, feeling close to others or in new environment; moments of feeling "all alone in the world"; sense of separate-ness; some people need to feel alone, need to have "no ties"; what feels safe is to be a "loner".


Events: The subject had different opinions than his family, quarrels with them and, when the events rich their climax (-0,36 from exact aspect), he had to leave home because did not accepted what was happening there. He felt very lonely, no one could help him in that period. It was a stranger in his own place and the relation with family became very cold for several days. 


Conclusion: The events match very good with what we already knew about Proserpina and I have to give a 9/10 points for this experience. We should remember the feeling of loneliness and difference in relation with family characteristic for this aspect.