The meaning of Uranus in mundane astrology:


- spirit, thought, mental, new ideas that erupt in the collective;

- ideas, creativity, innovation, ideas a little too advanced for the world at that time;

- a different philosophy, social order, atitude, idea which is not yet accepted in the society, it is rejected or it’s seen with reticence;  ocult or hidden activity; this is very well described by the cycle Saturn – Uranus, between what is accepted in the society (Saturn) and what changes the system (Uranus);

- an ideology, vision of social organisation that will create a perfect society and eliminate the old, inferior elements;

- radical changes, intolerance, it accepts very hard different ideas;

- revolutions, upheavals, reforms;

- courage, strong will, desire to be in front, to receive public attention;

- strikes and other similar activities which create pressure (even with violence) in order to meet the goals;

- freedom, democracy, independence;

- politically represents the right wing, but can also represent autocratic regimes.


Institutions and people which represent the process symbolised by Uranus:

- political and social organisations which militates agains the system, which propose moderate or radical reforms;

- reformers, inventors, rebels, activists;

- prophets, visionaries.


Historical events symbolised by Uranus:

- the period when Uranus was discovered (1781): the dawn of the technological age, The French Revolution, The American Revolution;

- The Bolshevik Revolution.