Uranus in astrology

uranus_1.jpgThe physical Uranus is the seventh planet from the Sun, having a similar composition with Neptune, both called “ice giants”. Uranus is placed at the limit of naked eye visibility.

In modern astrology it is the ruler of Aquarius.

Uranus meaning in the horoscope:

– a process of creativity, innovation, change that is directed especially towards community, social issues, not individual ones;

– a process that expose the individual to greater, impersonal laws;

– to foresee, a vision of the future, revelation;

– little awareness about personal values or day to day activities; it is not about individuality, it is about unconventional acts, as Liz Greene notes;

– the area where the person acts free, without restrictions, limits, rules and even disobeying the social order created by the energy of Saturn; idealism;

– a process which tests the order created by Saturn by creating outbreaks of abnormal events, disruption.

Strengths for people with a dominant Uranus in their horoscope

– the courage to be different and to propose alternatives to the traditional way to act;

– innovation, creativity (not a Sun creativity, more a received revelation), to become aware;

– a vision of the latent potential in all forms;

– people who bring progress, reforms, the ability to always doubt the current system, the current procedures; a revolutionary perspective of life;

– intuitive flashes that lead to new discoveries;

– detachment from the material world;

– good, quick mind;

– enthusiasm, excitement in front of new ideas.

Weaknesses for people with a dominant Uranus in their horoscope

– difficulties to integrate in a group, generally those people are seen as eccentric and even as a threat to the established order of the organization;

– isolation, alienation, loneliness (at least emotionally);

– instability, oscillation in attitude, restlessness;

– stubbornness, problems to accept others ideas; rigidity of thinking;

– anxiety in front of the unstable environment created;

– to propose ideas for progress that may cause unexpected problems, an unstable system;

– rebellious attitude, especially against those who have the power;

– the feeling of doing something illicit, the feeling of being “suspected”;

– insensitive, ruthless attitude; feelings doesn’t matter;

– to lose contact with the personal life, in favor of the collective life.

Weaknesses for people with a weak Uranus in their horoscope

– inability to accept change, innovation, new experiences;

– to remain stuck in a comfortable situation, people who don’t have the desire to look in the future for alternatives.

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Famous people with a dominant Uranus in their horoscope

Adolf Hitler (April 20, 1889 – Uranus on the Ascendant in Libra), Karl Marx (May 5, 1818 – Uranus and Neptune on the MC in Sagittarius), Madonna (August 16, 1958 – Uranus with Sun and Venus in Leo, 7th House), Fabio Capello (June 18, 1946 – Uranus in conjunction with Sun and Ascendant in Gemini). 

Mythological lore of Uranus

Uranus is more often associated with Prometheus the Titan, descendent of the god Ouranos and Gaia, the Earth, his sister- wife. Prometheus means “foresight” and he is credited with the creation of human beings from clay and with artistic and cultural skills. He teaches people astrology, navigation, architecture, everything that involves knowledge of the cosmic world, he is “a king of inspirational daimon”.

The most important action of Prometheus, was when he stole fire and gave it to humans against the wishes of Zeus. Fire is associated with creativity, enlightenment, intellectual and spiritual awakening, cultural and technological breakthrough, awareness of self, imagination, vision, consciousness. After this act, Prometheus was punished by Zeus, who chained him to a mountain and left him to an eagle which came every day to eat his liver, which is always regenerating to keep him in a constant agony. Also humans were punished when Pandora was sent on Earth with her box of woes.

The punishment of Prometheus symbolize the effect of the Uranian activity: isolation, the impossibility to deal with all the results of the creation, the use of creation in bad ways, the price to be paid.

As a symbol of Ouranos, father of Prometheus, the planet Uranus may symbolize the ideas that precedes physical creation (Ouranos emerged from chaos) like Plato’s Ideal Forms.