Characteristics and behaviour

– Virgo represents a person confronted with the social universe, as Leo was a complete experience as individual, in Virgo we meet with the issues generated by the society, by the awareness that one must be integrated in a society;

– Virgo people need to achieve integration in the social world and for that they learn to be useful, efficient, to do a good job;

– they respect the social standards, laws and are not resistant to the social pressure; they are not very self confident;

– their need for perfection may lead to criticism toward others, but also of themselves;

-they like to help others, especially people which are poor or have health problems, also they like to take care of pets.


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Quote: "I am useful"

Keywords: integration, pragmatism, usefulness, plan, analytic view, precaution, efficiency, respect, criticism, perfection, materialism, order.

Season: Summer, 21 August – 20 September

Zodiac Element: Earth

Ruler: Mercury

Metal: Mercury

Stone: Sapphire

Color: Blue, Beige

Anatomy part ruled by Virgo: Intestines, the nervous system


Famous people with Sun in Virgo

Michael Jackson (August 29, 1958), Lance Armstrong (September 18, 1971), Agatha Christie (September 15, 1890), Cameron Diaz (August 30, 1972), Warren Buffett (August 30, 1930), Yasser Arafat (August 24, 1929).