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Astrology jobs: best profession for each zodiac sign

Astrology is an instrument which can give important clues about one’s appropriate profession, about his behavior at work, his weaknesses or strengths. To use a term from economy, astrology can be used to develop a real SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats) analyze for every person.

The relation between astrology and profession can be seen on two levels: a personal level, in order to define one’s professional route in life, and an organizational level, in order to improve the company’s efficiency. At an organizational level astrology will, probably, become a very important management tool, at least in the Human Resource area. Because people are the most important resource of a company, it is very important to understand them better, to find their weaknesses and strengths, to find their best position in company, to motivate them, to make balanced teams with people complementary one to each other, etc. I am sure that, not in a long time, astrology will be successfully integrated in the processes that give answers to those kind of questions. Of course, to do that we need specific situations with people for whom we can realize astrological charts. But, it is also possible to delineate some general principles which define the relation between astrology and profession.

In order to do that I wrote this article and divided it in two sections: part 1 where we can see the correlations between signs, houses and planets with profession and part 2 where we can see several techniques used to determine the planet which rules profession.

Part 1 – Signs, planets, houses and profession

There are different techniques to determine one’s profession with astrology. In modern astrology the profession is indicated, mainly, by the 10th house and her ruler, but also by the Sun position, in sign and house, and the Ascendant. In traditional astrology the profession was found by analyzing the planet which rules profession and we will see different methods to discover that planet in the second part.

Best jobs for your zodiac signs

The zodiacal signs important for profession are those where the Sun, the 10th house, the planet which rules the 10th house and the Ascendant are placed. The interpretations presented below are for the Sun-sign positions, which are the classical 12 zodiacal signs that we all know.

Best profession for Aries

Aries people are courageous, assertive, full of energy, enthusiastic, self-confident, outspoken. They try to affirm themselves by everything they do, hoping for a fast advancement in hierarchy. They think everything is possible, that they can conquer the world. They like jobs that don’t demand routine, are impatient, lack in persistence, uninterested in details, unrealistic. In a subordinate position they respect the commanders and fulfill any demand received. In a chief position they give freedom to subordinates, creating an open relation with them, but don’t accept commentaries on their orders, being sometimes callous and insensitive.

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They can take jobs in army or police, in the recreation and construction industry or can be successful athletes.

Best position: freelancer or athlete

He loved to be: chief

Best profession for Taurus

Taurus people are hard-working, reliable, trustful, steady, methodical and, also, friendly, warm, sociable people. Venus, the planet which rules Taurus, makes them attracted by luxury goods, music, pleasure. More or less efficient at work they always finish their job and want to be appreciated by their practical results. An earth sign (TaurusVirgo and Capricorn) give always result-oriented people. They like to work in a stable field and strive for a good salary. They can also be stubborn, reluctant to new technology, lacking of perspicacity, confused when working on two or more projects in the same time.

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They can have jobs in fields like banks, public relations, engineering, marketing, fashion, luxury goods industry, agriculture.

Best position: farmer

He loved to be: banker

Best profession for Gemini

Gemini people are intelligent, smart, curious, people with a great sense of humor, innovative, creative, garrulous, sociable. They need permanent intellectual stimulation and are always learning, reading, searching the latest news. They accomplish their tasks very fast and are able to work at two or more projects in the same time, but they get bored easily and don’t like routine. They like to play all kind of games and, sometimes, seeing the whole social life like a game, start to make all kind of fair and unfair strategies to put them in good positions. They can change their opinion very fast, are pretty tricky, versatile, not very reliable. Like Mercury, their ruler planet who never departs more than 28 degrees from the Sun, they are always near the big events, near the action, near those who have the power. Being there, they not only transmit the information, but are also sorting it, being able to gain a lot of importance from this position.

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Proper jobs for Gemini are journalist, reporter, interpreter, publisher, writer, advocate, secretary, sales agent, driver, trader, impresario, accountant, teacher, actor or dancer.

Best position: reporter

He loved to be: the politician interviewed, the football player impressed, the star counseled

Saturn – Pluto cycle in astrology

The chart for the current cycle Saturn – Pluto: the conjunction was at grade 23 Capricorn,  on 12 January 2020

Saturn – Pluto is a cycle of 33 years characterized by:

– Saturn brings the transformation through contraction, conservative reaction, crisis and termination;gravity and tension;

– the spread of conservative views, reactionary and repressive empowerment (Saturn); censorship, punishment; religious fundamentalism spread: Catholic, Islamic, Jewish; a period when traditional values, moral values, order, discipline, family values are empowered; sexual restrictions or disease; patriotism rise;

– international crisis and conflict, empowerment of reactionary forces and totalitarian impulses, organized violence and oppression; violence and death on a massive scale; genocide, ethnocide; bombing and terrorism acts;

– represents a process of crisis, transformation, destruction of the current system, authority figures or institutions; the established order of existence come to an end;

– the conflicts generated are based much more on feelings, emotional issues than a conflict generated by Uranus with Saturn, for example; the aspect may symbolize that disregarding ones religion, civilization, way to live, values, culture may generate anger and lead to war soon or later; the issue of persecutor and persecuted;sabotage

– fight for domination, control, power; corruption and abuse are a theme of this cycle;

– wars, which usually break out at the conjunction and opposition: world wars, cold war, September 11; war with armies that are well prepared, tactical, technological wars, highly disciplined armies (see the difference from Uranus Pluto wars were often people go to war with knifes and forks)

– deeply forces are involved, archetypes find real people to manifest in a powerful manner, institutions try to control the world, often by destruction and violent means; eruption of the collective unconscious;

– cataclysmic events;

– at a psychological level: a tendency to perceive a constellating danger, a subversive threat, a great danger (even it’s not present); the sensation that a conflict is inevitable; as a result people take action to secure their position even the danger it’s only in their imagination;

Saturn – Pluto current cycle: years 2020-2053

First conjunction of the cycle 2020 – 2053 takes place at grade 23 Capricorn,  on 12 January 2020.