Aquarius personality traits and behavior

– as Leo symbolize individuals, Aquarius symbolize groups and people that are identified with groups; they tend to dominate the groups they are part off;

– Aquarius people are friendly, gregarious and enjoy social interactions;

-they have ideas about how society should be, about how people should live, and try to create social movements in order to impose those ideas;

– they are intelligent people with an open and original mind.

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Quote:¬†“We can make the difference, not the individual

Keywords: groups, society, freedom, ideas, communication, politics,  

Season: Winter, 20 January Р18 February 

Zodiac Element: Air

Ruler: Saturn

Metal: Uranium

Stone: Amethyst

Color: Blue

Anatomy part ruled by Aquarius: Shin, ankle

Famous people with Sun in Aquarius

Oprah Winfrey (January 29, 1954), Franklin Roosevelt (January 30, 1882), Ronald Reagan (February 6, 1911), Thomas Edison (February 11, 1847), Michael Jordan (February 17, 1963), John Travolta (February 18, 1954), Boris Yeltsin (February 1, 1931).

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