Astrology jobs: best profession for each zodiac sign

Astrology is an instrument which can give important clues about one’s appropriate profession, about his behavior at work, his weaknesses or strengths. To use a term from economy, astrology can be used to develop a real SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats) analyze for every person.

The relation between astrology and profession can be seen on two levels: a personal level, in order to define one’s professional route in life, and an organizational level, in order to improve the company’s efficiency. At an organizational level astrology will, probably, become a very important management tool, at least in the Human Resource area. Because people are the most important resource of a company, it is very important to understand them better, to find their weaknesses and strengths, to find their best position in company, to motivate them, to make balanced teams with people complementary one to each other, etc. I am sure that, not in a long time, astrology will be successfully integrated in the processes that give answers to those kind of questions. Of course, to do that we need specific situations with people for whom we can realize astrological charts. But, it is also possible to delineate some general principles which define the relation between astrology and profession.

In order to do that I wrote this article and divided it in two sections: part 1 where we can see the correlations between signs, houses and planets with profession and part 2 where we can see several techniques used to determine the planet which rules profession.

Part 1 – Signs, planets, houses and profession

There are different techniques to determine one’s profession with astrology. In modern astrology the profession is indicated, mainly, by the 10th house and her ruler, but also by the Sun position, in sign and house, and the Ascendant. In traditional astrology the profession was found by analyzing the planet which rules profession and we will see different methods to discover that planet in the second part.

Best jobs for your zodiac signs

The zodiacal signs important for profession are those where the Sun, the 10th house, the planet which rules the 10th house and the Ascendant are placed. The interpretations presented below are for the Sun-sign positions, which are the classical 12 zodiacal signs that we all know.

Best profession for Aries

Aries people are courageous, assertive, full of energy, enthusiastic, self-confident, outspoken. They try to affirm themselves by everything they do, hoping for a fast advancement in hierarchy. They think everything is possible, that they can conquer the world. They like jobs that don’t demand routine, are impatient, lack in persistence, uninterested in details, unrealistic. In a subordinate position they respect the commanders and fulfill any demand received. In a chief position they give freedom to subordinates, creating an open relation with them, but don’t accept commentaries on their orders, being sometimes callous and insensitive.

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They can take jobs in army or police, in the recreation and construction industry or can be successful athletes.

Best position: freelancer or athlete

He loved to be: chief

Best profession for Taurus

Taurus people are hard-working, reliable, trustful, steady, methodical and, also, friendly, warm, sociable people. Venus, the planet which rules Taurus, makes them attracted by luxury goods, music, pleasure. More or less efficient at work they always finish their job and want to be appreciated by their practical results. An earth sign (Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn) give always result-oriented people. They like to work in a stable field and strive for a good salary. They can also be stubborn, reluctant to new technology, lacking of perspicacity, confused when working on two or more projects in the same time.

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They can have jobs in fields like banks, public relations, engineering, marketing, fashion, luxury goods industry, agriculture.

Best position: farmer

He loved to be: banker

Best profession for Gemini

Gemini people are intelligent, smart, curious, people with a great sense of humor, innovative, creative, garrulous, sociable. They need permanent intellectual stimulation and are always learning, reading, searching the latest news. They accomplish their tasks very fast and are able to work at two or more projects in the same time, but they get bored easily and don’t like routine. They like to play all kind of games and, sometimes, seeing the whole social life like a game, start to make all kind of fair and unfair strategies to put them in good positions. They can change their opinion very fast, are pretty tricky, versatile, not very reliable. Like Mercury, their ruler planet who never departs more than 28 degrees from the Sun, they are always near the big events, near the action, near those who have the power. Being there, they not only transmit the information, but are also sorting it, being able to gain a lot of importance from this position.

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Proper jobs for Gemini are journalist, reporter, interpreter, publisher, writer, advocate, secretary, sales agent, driver, trader, impresario, accountant, teacher, actor or dancer.

Best position: reporter

He loved to be: the politician interviewed, the football player impressed, the star counseled

Best profession for Cancer

Cancer people are emotional, protective, empathetic, warm, affectionate, friendly, imaginative people who need emotional security and have a special connection with family, community, homeland. At work they create close relationships with some people, putting the relations with them much higher than efficiency and results, because they rely more on feelings than rationality. A Cancer teammate who is your friend will support you as much as he can, no matter you are right or not, helping you finish your tasks, but, most important, giving you an emotional support, being protective, acting in a “motherly” manner. If it is not your friend don’t expect too much, because even you are right he will always do what is best for him and his close friends. In chief positions they tend to favor those persons close to them and to become friends with the people they need. Like a subordinate they use their intuition and charm to cover their inefficiency, a critical Virgo would say.

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Jobs in arts, social protection, public relation, education, advertising, IT, food industry are fit for them.

Best position: cook

He loved to be: mayor

Best profession for Leo

Leo are dynamic, resourceful, optimistic, charismatic, creative, ego-centered, self-reliant, persuasive. People who know what they want and want power and high ranking positions. The Sun in domicile gives them enough energy to achieve almost any goal they fix, either relational or professional. Their activity and psychological mood is always at high levels, periods of anxiety, distress or uncertainty are missing. Always happy, joking, making others feel good they produce a good impression between colleagues and succeed to integrate fast in any environment. In chief positions seem to be in the right place because they are confident in what they do, decided and ready for action. In a subordinate position they strive to establish a good relation with the boss and, especially if he is from the opposite sex, they will succeed. Don’t think at immoral actions, it is just that they are very convincing people.

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Jobs in commanding positions like executives, managers and occupations related to the entertainment industry, gambling, sport, art, design, education, theater or the luxury world are good for them.

Best position: one man show artist

He loved to be: CEO

Best profession for Virgo

Virgo people are realistic, analytical, detail oriented, industrious, well-organized, methodical, intelligent. Based on an inner complex of inferiority they try to play an active role in society, to become an important part of the whole system by constantly rising, with discretion and responsibility, step by step, up to the highest scenes of society. To do that a Virgo is always mentally alert, hearing, listening, learning everything, using every information she receives to complete a puzzle. A puzzle which, when is complete, gives a very realistic image of the whole situation, every piece of it and, very important, the relations established between the system components. She will be the person who knows everything about every person from the institution, every gossip, everything it happens or happened there, every procedure, every paper way. Unlike Gemini, another sign of Mercury, Virgo has a more calculated approach, doing things with a perspective. She has the ability to plan and to anticipate. One weakness is that they are too involved in the material world, having a certain lack of spirituality, moral principles. In a chief position they can change their attitude and become arrogant, defiant, thinking that should constantly prove their superiority in front of others who are, of course, less skilled, learned, knowledgeable. Like a subordinate, which seems to be the adequate position for them, they are active, industrious, finishing all their tasks and constantly improving their professional abilities.

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They can perform in jobs like accountant, journalist, engineer, architect, designer, mathematician, banker, executive assistant, secretary, physiotherapist, medical assistant, pharmacist, veterinarian or other jobs in  IT, editing/writing, social work.

Best position: accountant or statistician

He loved to be: administrator

Best profession for Virgo

Libra people are cooperative, sociable, charming, but, also responsible, calculated, clever. They try to avoid conflicts and have a natural love for harmony, beauty and art. They enjoy one to one communication and their natural ability to start relations make them to be the first who initiate contacts with a newcomer in company, to help people to integrate. They like the team-work and, unnoticed, tend to become dominant in a one to one relation. Even Venus, their first-ruler planet, make them seem capricious, versatile and careless, Saturn, their second ruler-planet, make them more serious, responsible than appear at first site. The Sun in fall here can give periods with lack of energy and pessimism when they are looking for support. In a chief position they create an balanced and peaceful environment, trying to set some rules respected by everybody. In a subordinate position they accomplish their tasks, but too often are not happy with what they are doing, having periods of pessimism. Also, have the tendency to take the critics too personally, to be hyper-sensitive, to have problems in taking decisions, to hesitate.

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Jobs like artist, dancer, singer, photographer, lawyer, mediator or in areas like public relations, diplomacy, fashion, advertising, sales are good for them.

Best position: Human Resource recruiter

He loved to be: artist

Best profession for Scorpio

 Scorpio people are ambitious, active, persevering, intuitive, resourceful, sensitive. They are people who always set high objectives and make tireless efforts to achieve them. A Scorpio person has the ability to go beyond the limits, to obtain much more than others in the same situation. They are attracted by drama, mystery, conspiracy, like to investigate, have secrets and don’t like strangers to enter in their private life. In a conflict a Scorpio will fight fiercely, for a long time and will never give up. At work, they are people who act well in a crisis situation, when many lose their temper. In a chief position they tend to be domineering and want to control almost everything which can be pretty annoying for the employees. In a subordinate position they will do everything to accomplish their tasks and to have a good relation with teammates, but, if they are hurt, attacked or too restrained, they will “explode”, became aggressive and fight for their position.

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Jobs like engineer, detective, psychiatrist, surgeon, gynecologist, soldier, athlete, actor, painter or other jobs in IT, police or politics are good for them.

Best position: surgeon

He loved to be: negotiator

Best profession for Sagittarius

Sagittarius people are confident, optimist, ethical, spiritual, happy and have a pro-attitude. They have an inner spirituality which, even won’t be developed will be able to give them answers to many philosophical questions. Sagittarians are friendly, agreeable, people who like to have fun, to talk, to tell stories, to express their principles, their philosophy, to explain life and events. They can explain everything but, can also be too idealistic, unrealistic, impractical, can propose ideas which can’t be applied in that specific environment, also are able to make mistakes due to lack of concentration and miss of details (they have a  perspective view). They don’t like restrictions, want as much freedom as it is possible, are pure idealists. In a chief position will take some tolerant and impartial decisions which will easily be followed by subordinates. They will be good and wise chiefs. In a subordinate position will have a positive attitude and great enthusiasm as long as they feel comfortable, optimistic, when not they will quickly change their job.

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Jobs like sociologist, priest, spiritual leader, philosopher, business man, politician, ambassador, travel agent, lawyer, explorer or in fields like hotel/recreation, writing, public relations, entertainment, education are fit for them.

Best position: philosopher or priest

He loved to be: Robin Hood 

Best profession for Capricorn

Capricorn people are hard-working, ambitious, realistic, tenacious, responsible, socially oriented. They strive to reach high-ranking positions because their most important objective is to achieve as much as it is possible from the material world with their present possibilities. Still, they are realistic and will not ask for more than they deserve. They are very good administrators, have organizational skills, like to make plans and put principles in practice. Everything they do must have visible, material outcome, they don’t like to talk about things unattainable. They are people who accommodate easily in society, learn the rules and use them in their advantage with great calm, patience and intelligence. Are very good actors and it will be very hard for anyone to find what they really think, because they transmit only what is advantageous for them. In a chief position they will be serious, demanding a lot for the subordinates, very well prepared. In a subordinate position they will try to resolve the tasks as better they can, to be efficient and will never upset the boss but try to make him happy because if he is happy they will be happy.

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Jobs like managers, administrators, politicians, actors, bankers, judges, scientists, architects, designers or in areas like IT, sales, farming and food preparation are good for them.

Best position: CEO

He loved to be: CEO

Best profession for Aquarius

Aquarius people are intelligent, determined, talented, friendly, communicative, realistic. An airy sign, they have strong intellectual abilities which give them many ideas concentrated toward improvement, innovation. Those are not people to remain stuck in a situation for a long time, they know the world is always changing and want to be a part of this process, to bring progress. They can be called the “architects of the future”. Even they live in a world of ideas, they have a good sense of reality. They enjoy social interactions, have many friends, like jokes and have a good sense of humor. The communication with others is “cold”, focusing on exchanging rational ideas, solutions. They don’t lose time with romantic love stories and don’t get emotionally involved. They like to work in groups or with groups because they have an inner desire to belong, relate, represent a group. In a chief position they will show the ability to create and organize a group, based on professional principles. As a subordinate they show intelligence, the ability to learn fast, but want too much freedom.

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They can take jobs like engineer, computer specialist, mechanic, sales agent, inventor or in the radio-television area.

Best position: syndicate leader

He loved to be: F1 driver

Best profession for Pisces

Pisces people are sensitive, romantic, caring, intuitive, creative, spiritual. Are very friendly and try to avoid conflicts. They like to work in a peaceful atmosphere, to establish good relations with teammates. When somebody suffers they will be the first to show their compassion. In profession they should go through the more artistic, flexible areas and avoid jobs where accuracy is required because they are able to make confusions, to be unclear or to understand something else than one is telling them. They are the opposite of the realism, materialism, logic represented by Virgo. Chief or subordinate will not represent something different for them, so their behavior will be almost the same in both positions.

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They can take jobs like actor, singer, nurse, veterinarian, lawyer, psychic, psychologist, social worker.

Best position: nurse

He loved to be: painter

Profession indicated by horoscope planets 

In astrology, planets are very important in our quest to determine the right profession and other skills, abilities that might be useful in career. The planets that should be analyzed are: the planet which rules profession (more in the second part), the planets from the 10th house or near the MC, the planet which rules the 10th house. Let’s see some characteristics and professions associated with planets in astrology:

Sun: dignified people, leadership, commander, chief.

Moon: public success, writer, politician, interpreter of dreams, magician, irrational mind, timidity, stupidity, jobs connected with water, seas.

Mercury: scientist, scribe, mathematician, merchant, accountant, teacher, orator, astrologer, astronomer, writer, business man, banker, financial manager.

Venus: actor, musician, poet, dancer, painter, fashion.

Mars: soldier, fighter, athlete, business executive, doctor, commander, robber, arms, killer of animals, people who work with iron and fire, surgeons, engineers.

Jupiter: judge, lawyer, priest, philosopher, teacher, administrator, business man, politician.

Saturn: scientist, doctor, tax collector, inferior work, laborer.

Profession indicated by horoscope houses

The 10th house, which rules career, profession, is definitely the most important. The sign and the planets from the 10th house give the basic image. Still, there are other houses which can give valuable information about profession, about the area of life where our profession can manifest: the houses where the planet which rules profession, the sun and the ruler of the 10th house are placed. Let’s see what those planets represent if they are found in:

House 1 indicates professions very important for the subject, that means everything for him and take all the time. Also can be related with appearance, how a person looks or the physical body.

House 2 indicates professions related with money, wealth, estate, banks, stock exchange, money market, business, movable possession.

House 3 indicates professions related with mass-media, newspapers, television, education system, language, literature, contracts, communication, messages, letters, rumors, telephones, postal service, short journeys, travelers, locomotion system.

House 4 indicates professions related with land, farming, agriculture, every occupation for taking care of the land, mining, property, buildings, structure, property market, tradition, history, parents, inheritance from parents, ancestry, graves.

House 5 indicates professions related with joy, pleasure, holidays, creativity, luxurious things, gifts, feasts, leisure industry, recreation, pubs, public parks, sport, games, gambling, speculation, lottery, art, dance, music, theater, love, romance, procreation, children.

House 6 indicates professions related with medicine, activity connected with illness and disease, dentists, doctors, nurses, health industry, poorly rewarded work, servants, hard labor, small beasts, pets.

House 7 indicates professions related with partnerships, unions, alliances, agreements, marriage, lawsuits, enemies.

House 8 indicates professions related with others money, taxes legacies, insurance money owned to others, testaments, death, accidents.

House 9 indicates professions related with higher education, universities, colleges, public administration, lawyers, counselors, foreigners, advisors, philosophy, religion, principles, theories, revelation, dreams, visions, divination, astrology, long journeys, airlines.

House 10 indicates public activity, reputation, fame, authority, success, power, glory. Commanders, police, courts, judges, magistrates are symbolized by the 10th house.

House 11 indicates professions related with groups who share an aim, political ideas, county council, parliament, supporters, friends, benefactors.

House 12 indicates professions related with clandestine activity occult groups, infirmity, disgrace poverty, banished persons, hospitals, asylums, homeless people.

Part 2 – Find the Planet which rules Profession

In traditional astrology, in order to determine the planet or planets most important for career, astrologers used several techniques pretty similar one to each other. Generally, the planet important in career was selected between Mercury, Venus or Mars depending on the house placement, the applying aspects from Sun and Moon and the dignities she had in sign. Let’s see several examples:

Ptolemy in Tetrabilos IV used the planet which was in the tenth sign from the Ascendant or rose before the Sun, but at least 12 degrees to be visible. If there were more planets in this situation he chose the planet to which the Moon was applying or the planet which was more dignified in sign. If there was no planet in the tenth sign from the Ascendant or before the Sun he used the ruler of the 10th house.

Paulus Alexandrinus in Introductory Matters chose the planet of career by looking first at the position in house. The 10th house is the best placement as usual, then comes the other angular houses, then succedent houses and, in the last instance, look at the planets from cadent houses.

Avraham Ibn-Ezra, Bonatti and Alchabitius present a system of house rulership in which each triplicity ruler of a house signifies different matters associated with that house. About the 10th house it is said that the third ruler of triplicity indicates profession while the second ruler of the 10th house indicates one’s rank.

Firmicus Matternus in Matheseos Libri VIII wrote that the planet which determine occupation should be selected, again, between Mercury, Venus or Mars. First we look for the planet placed on the MC or in right or left trine to MC, or on other angles. He wrote that if Mars is the planet to determine profession and is well placed signify arms, leadership, fame, noble skills connected with iron and fire; if Venus is the planet and is well placed signify great fame, pleasing, amiable, handsome, everything they wish turn out well; if Mercury is the planet and is well placed signify orators, royal account keepers, judges, inventors, occupations related with money-changing and translations.

Something different from those similar points of view comes from Michel Gauquelin, a statiscian-astrologer who wrote Cosmic Influences on Human Behavior. It is a book where he presents the results of his statistical studies about the relation between astrology and profession. From the beginning I want to say that his studies were made on successful people from every profession, not on ordinary people. So, the results might not be the same on a large scale.

His conclusions were that the points important for profession in the natal chart are before the Ascendant and MC and not in the 1st and 10th house how is considered nowadays. Those points are placed in the 12th and 9th house in almost any house system. His statistical studies show the following relations between planets and profession:

The Moon is characteristic for writers, politicians and not for soldiers, champions.

Jupiter is characteristic for politicians, actors, journalists, soldiers and not for scientists and doctors.

Mars is characteristic for soldiers, champions, business executives, doctors and not for musicians, painters or writers.

Saturn is characteristic for doctors, scientists and not for actors, journalists, painters, writers.



To determine one’s appropriate profession and professional skills is a difficult task not only in life, but also in astrology. We have inherited from former astrologers some guiding principles, techniques that highlight some important issues for this subject. Still, it is my opinion that doesn’t exist a perfect method, a solution to give the right answer in all or almost all the cases. In order to answer to questions related with the professional area I think we must have a good understanding of the whole chart, we must analyze many astrological symbols, especially the planets near the MC, the Sun position and the planets near the Ascendant.


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