Fixed stars in Aquarius

34. Constellation – Aquila, the Eagle


Aquila, the eagle, is a part of a group of three birds (the eagle – Aquila, the swan – Cygnus and Lyra) and the arrow – Sagitta.

In mythology it was the eagle that carried the thunderbolts of Zeus and was sent to kidnap Ganymede (the cupbearer of the constellation Aquarius), a handsome youth from whom Zeus fell in love.


– fire, lightning, thunderbolts;

– Romans custom was to release eagles at funerals because they will carry the souls to the land of immortals;

– it represents the sacrificial fire that allows a new beginning.

Stars of Aquila

The most important stars from Aquila, in the order of magnitude are: Altair, Alshain and Tarazed.

34.1 Altair – 10 Aquarius 55′

Altair is the brightest star in Aquila, located on the neck of the eagle.

Magnitude: 0,77

Projected Ecliptical Degrees: 10 Aquarius 55′

Declination: 8N51’31”

Range of degrees with which can be in parans: from Sagittarius to Aquarius

Planetary nature: Mars/Jupiter

Official name: Alpha Aquila


– success, courage, initiative;

– boldness, determination in what one want to achieve, but also risk, danger;

– willingness to explore new areas, penetrating mind;

– passion, beliefs, will, imagination.

35. Constellation – Delphinus, the dolphin


Delphinus, the dolphin, is associated with stories about helpfulness and playfulness. One story tells that the Greek poet Arion of Lesbos, a very rich person, was attacked by his crew who planned to kill him and get his money. He flung into the sea where was rescued by a dolphin and carried to the coast of Greece.


– to help;

– improvisation;

– chance, unexpected opportunity.

Stars of Delphinus

The most important stars from Delphinus, in the order of magnitude are: Sualocin and Rotanev.

35.1 Sualocin – 170 Aquarius 10′

Sualocin is the brightest star from Delphinus, located in the head of the dolphin.

Magnitude: 3,9

Projected Ecliptical Degrees: 170 Aquarius 10′

Declination: 15N53’53”

Range of degrees with which can be in parans: from Sagittarius to Pisces

Planetary nature: Saturn/Mars

Official name: Alpha Delphinus


– cheerful nature, ingratitude;

– love of hunting;

– it has a gentle influence, not too strong.

36. Constellation – Capricorn, the goat


Capricorn, the goat, is a constellation which has no star brighter than 3rd magnitude.

In mythology, the most important element is the horn which is a seen as a cornucopia, an abundance of gifts. The Capricorn was associated with the god Dionysus, with Pan, with the goat Amalthea who nourished Zeus in infancy or Ea, a Babylonian god who ruled over Water, Wisdom and Magic.


– fertility, abundance;

– spiritual significance.

Stars of Capricorn

The most important stars from Capricorn, in the order of magnitude are: Algedi, Dabih, Nashira and Deneb Algedi.

36.1 Deneb Algedi- 240 Aquarius 00′

Deneb Algedi is a Behenian star from Capricorn, located in the tail of the goat.

Magnitude: 3,0

Projected Ecliptical Degrees: 240 Aquarius 00′

Declination: 16S21′

Range of degrees with which can be in parans: from Aquarius to Pisces

Planetary nature: Saturn/Jupiter

Official name: Delta Capricornus


– wisdom, integrity, leadership;

– counselor, adviser;

– justice, law.