Fixed stars in Leo

16. Constellation – Cancer, the crab


Cancer, the crab, is the constellation linked with the symbol of life, as the stars of Capricorn are linked with death.

In Greek mythology, the crab was sent to help Hydra in her battle with Hercules. The crab sacrificed his life and bit Hercules’ toes and was placed in heaven as a reward for his loyalty.


– resurrection, source of life;

– loyalty.

Stars of Cancer

The most important stars from Cancer, in the order of magnitude are: Acubens, Asellus Borealis and Asellus Australis.

16.1 Acubens – 130 Leo 45

Acubens is the brightest star from Cancer, located in the southern claw of the crab.

Magnitude: 4,4

Projected Ecliptical Degrees: 130 Leo 45′

Declination: 11N51′

Range of degrees with which can be in parans: from Cancerto Leo

Planetary nature: Saturn/Mercury

Official name: Alpha Cancer


– logical mind, perseverance, strength, success;

– resurrection, to give life;

– mystical life;

– astrology, writing.

20. Constellation – Ursa Major, the great bear


Ursa Major, the great bear, represents the wood nymph, Callisto, in Greek mythology. She was raped by Zeus and turned into a bear by Hera, Zeus jealous wife. Arcas, son of Callisto, was a hunter and, shooting the bear, was almost to kill his mother. To avoid the tragedy, Zeus put both of them in the sky, Callisto the great bear, and Arcas, the minor bear.


– destruction, power;

– power to overcome enemies;

– feminine strength.

Stars of Ursa Major

The most important stars from Ursa Major, in the order of magnitude are: Dubhe, Merak, Phachd, Megrez, Alioth, Mizar and Benetnasch.

20.1 Dubhe – 150 Leo 10′

Dubhe is the brightest star from Ursa Major, located in the back of the bear.

Magnitude: 2,00

Projected Ecliptical Degrees: 150 Leo 10′

Declination: 61N46’44”

Planetary nature: Mercury/Mars

Official name: Alpha Ursa Major


– destruction, ;

– psychic ability, the power to overcome enemies;

– courage, strength, power;

– feminine power.

21. Constellation – Hydra, the serpent


Hydra, the serpent, is a constellation which belonged to a group named Hydra et Corvus et Crater, formed by Hydra which had a cup on her back and guarded it from the ever thirsty Corvus the Raven.

In Greek mythology Apollo sent the Crow to bring a cup of water, but he returned too late with a snake in the cup, telling that this was the cause of his delay. Apollo found that he lied and, angered, sent the crow in the heaven with a cup guarded by the snake, in order to make him feel the pain of always be thirsty.

Hydra represents the mythological serpent from different cultures: Ananta the Infinite in Hinduism, Mat Chinoi the Chinese Serpent – goddess, or the serpent from the Tree of life of the Garden of Eden.

Hydra is the largest constellation measuring 1303 square degrees.


– violence, cruelty, poisoning;

– artistic appreciation.

Stars of Hydra

The most important stars from Hydra, in the order of magnitude are: Alphard, Al Sharasif, Al Minliar al Shuja and Ukda.

21.1 Alphard – 270 Leo 18′

Alphard is the brightest star from Hydra, located in the heart of the snake.

Magnitude: 2,2

Projected Ecliptical Degrees: 270 Leo 18′

Declination: 8S26’27”

Range of degrees with which can be in parans: from Gemini to Virgo

Planetary nature: Saturn/Venus

Official name: Alpha Hydra


– poisoning, rabies, drug abuse, poisoning bites;

– musical and artistic appreciation;

– violent, emotional outbursts, anger;