Jupiter Saturn cycle in astrology

Jupiter – Saturn is a cycle of 20 years characterized by:

– the cycles show the economic, social and political developments in sequences of 20 years;

– important economic fluctuations, rise or fall of the market;

– conflicts may appear as two different processes must converge in order to generate evolution, especially social progress: expansionism, liberalisation, democratic values, freedom and, on the other side, oppression, rules, limits, performance, effort;

– the manifestation of ideas, potentialities in the material world;

– the Jupiter – Saturn conjunctions are called “Grand Conjunctions”; the conjunctions occur in the same element (fire, earth, air or water) for about 200 years, with 1 or 2 exceptions;

– a series in fire signs symbolise discoveries, exploration, independence, free spirit, adventure, power, display (1603 – 1782); a series in the earth element signify materialism, wealth, industrial development, agriculture, infrastructure, territorial disputes (1802 – 2000); a series in air (next will start in 2020) symbolise new concepts, ideas, intellectual development (1226 – 1405); a series in water corresponds with spiritual movements, art development (1425 – 1583).

Jupiter – Saturn current cycle

1.    2000 – 2020, 23 Taurus – first conjunction  on 28 May 2000

General delineation

The current Jupiter – Saturn cycle (chart of the cycle is the picture below) has the following characteristics:

– the current series of Jupiter – Saturn conjunctions in earth signs started in 1802; the current cycle (2000 – 2020) is the last from that earth series; a series in the earth signs like this one symbolise material growth, industrial development, material issues;

– the current cycle started with the dot – com bubble, recovered quickly, but at the opposition entered in a major depression;


a)    First conjunction (2000 – 2001) – Jupiter conjunct Saturn in Taurus

– the Dot – com bubble when the NASDAQ stock crashed in March 10, 2000. After many traditional companies moved on the internet to rise their business and equity value without to consider the basic economic laws, the bubble collapsed during 2000 – 2001 and many companies failed; the economy recovered quickly and started to rise again;  

b)    First square (2005 – 2006) – Jupiter in Libra (Scorpio) square Saturn in Cancer (Leo)

c)    Opposition (2010 – 2012) – Jupiter in Pisces (Aries) opposes Saturn in Virgo (Libra)

– economic crisis, great depression; started with a fall of property value and financial crisis;

d)    Second square (2014 – 2016) – Jupiter in Leo (Virgo) square Saturn in Scorpio (Sagittarius)    

Jupiter – Saturn previous  cycles:

2.    1980 – 2000, 9 Libra – first conjunction on 31 December 1980

– Greece joined The European Union in 1981

– In 1979, the first direct, democratic elections to the European Parliament were held

a)    First conjunction (1980 – 1981) – Jupiter conjunct Saturn in Libra

– economic fluctuations, rises and depressions in stock market;

b)    First square (1985 – 1987) – Jupiter in Aquarius (Pisces) square Saturn in Scorpio (Sagittarius)

c)    Opposition (1989 – 1991) – Jupiter in Cancer (Leo) opposes Saturn in Capricorn (Aquarius)

– the fall of the Communist regimes in 1989 in Poland, Hungary, East Germany, Bulgaria, Czehoslovakia and Romania;

– the beginning of the Gulf War

– the freeing of Nelson Mandela and the final
period of the apartheid in South Africa

d)    Second square (1994 – 1996) – Jupiter in Sagittarius (Capricorn) square Saturn in Pisces (Aries)    

3.    1961 – 1981, 25 Capricorn – first conjunction  on 19 February 1961

– The European Union process

a)    First conjunction (1960 – 1961) – Jupiter conjunct Saturn in Capricorn

– The European Union starts to work as an institution, the process of integration is at the beginning

b)    First square (1964 – 1966) – Jupiter in Taurus (Gemini) square Saturn in Aquarius (Pisces)

– the crisis of Bruxelles of 1965

c)    Opposition (1969 – 1971) – Jupiter in Scorpio (Sagittarius) opposes Saturn in Taurus (Gemini)

d)    Second square (1975 – 1976) – Jupiter in Aries (Taurus) square Saturn in Cancer (Leo)  

4.    1940 – 1961, 14 Taurus – first conjunction  on 8 August 1940

a)    First conjunction (1940 – 1941) – Jupiter conjunct Saturn in Taurus

–    in the same time Pluton is in square with the conjunction

–    Europe is dominated by Germany which want to impose a new order

b)    First square (1945 – 1947) – Jupiter in Libra (Scorpio) square Saturn in Cancer (Leo)

– the beginning of the Cold War between  the Western world, led by the United States and its NATO allies, and the communist world, led by the Soviet Union, its satellite states and allies

c)    Opposition (1950 – 1952) – Jupiter in Pisces (Aries) opposes Saturn in Virgo (Libra)

–    West Germany recovers the influence in Europe being admitted in the Counsel of Europe in 1951 and achieving the right to rearm in 1952

d)    Second square (1955 – 1956) – Jupiter in Leo (Virgo) square Saturn in Scorpio (Sagittarius)

–    The Suez Crisis was a diplomatic and military confrontation in late 1956 between Egypt on one side, and Britain, France and Israel on the other, followed the decision to nationalize the Suez Canal.

5.    1921 – 1940, 27 Virgo – first conjunction  on 10 September 1921

a)    First conjunction (1920 – 1922) – Jupiter conjunct Saturn in Virgo (Libra)

–    Europe is reformulating herself in accordance with the treaties of Versailles (1919), Saint Germain (1919), Neuilly (1919), Sevres (1920) and Trianon (1920

– after The Treaty of Versailles (1919), Germany is defeated and France with Britain winners

b)    First square (1926 – 1927) – Jupiter in Aquarius (Pisces) square Saturn in Scorpio (Sagittarius)

–    Germany joined League of Nations (1926) and enters in a conflict with France having different points of view

c)    Opposition (1930 – 1931) – Jupiter in Cancer opposes Saturn in Capricorn

–    after 10 years when the treaties of 1919 – 1920 were respected, in 1930 the French soldiers retreat from Germany, which won’t pay the debts, won’t make the reparations and won`t disarm. It is the end for the  Treaty of Versailles.

d)    Second square (1935 – 1936) – Jupiter in Sagittarius square Saturn in Pisces

–    the Second Italo-Ethiopian War was a colonial war which showed the weakness of the League of Nations and favoured the creation of the Axe Roma – Berlin
–    Hitler remilitarized the Rhineland (1936) gaining an advantage over France and disobeying The Treaty of Versailles

6.    1901 – 1921, 14 Capricorn – first conjunction  on 28 November 1901

–    France and England reinforce their position

b)   First conjunction (1901 – 1902) – Jupiter conjunct Saturn in Capricorn

– Edward VII becomes King of the United Kingdom from 1901 which proves to be an option for Europe against a dominating Germany;

– England and Germany imperialistic conflicts become obvious

– the influence of Germany is diminished

c)    First square (1905 – 1906) – Jupiter in Gemini square Saturn in Pisces

–    The First Moroccan Crisis (1905 – 1906) was the international crisis where Germany resented France’s increasing dominance of Morocco, and insisted on an open door policy that would allow German business access to its market.  Germany was isolated and appeared aggressive

d)    Opposition (1909 &n
dash; 1912) – Jupiter in Libra (Scorpio, Sagittarius) opposes Saturn in Aries (Taurus, Gemini)

–    the Second Moroccan Crisis (Agadir crisis) between France and Germany ended with France to establish a full protectorate over Morocco and strengthen relations with Britain;

–    The First Balkan War (1912) broke out when the Balkan League (Montenegro, Bulgaria, Greece and Serbia) attacked Turkey and was ended seven months later by the Treaty of London. After five centuries, Turkey lost all of its possessions in the Balkans;
–    Europe is divided between The Triple Alliance and The Triple Entente

e)    Second square (1916 – 1917) – Jupiter in Aries square Saturn in Cancer

–    Russia left the World War I leaving the allies after the empire collapsed

7.    1881 – 1901, 2 Taurus – first conjunction  on 18 April 1881

– Germany dominates Europe

a)    First conjunction (1881) – Jupiter conjunct Saturn in Taurus

– the military Triple Alliance (1882) is formed between Germany, Austria–Hungary and Italy
– Protectionism is the economic policy which dominates in Europe from 1880

– at the semisquare (1883), England invaded Egypt and as a result broke relations with France and Germany

b)    First square (1885 – 1887) – Jupiter in Libra square Saturn in Cancer

a potential conflict between Austria and Russia became possible after the 1886 Bulgarian crisis;

– France and Germany were close to war after a border conflict in 1887.

c)    Opposition (1891 – 1893) – Jupiter in Pisces (Aries) opposes Saturn in Virgo (Libra)

Europe is stable, Germany is the main force;

– Treaties between Russia and France (1892) and Russia and Germany (1891) are signed; Otto von Bismarck, which became the Chancellor of the German Empire at the beginning of the cycle (1871), was removed by Kaiser (Emperor) William II in 1890, leaving Germany at her peak.

d)    Second square (1895 – 1897) – Jupiter in Leo (Virgo) square Saturn in Scorpio (Sagittarius)

–  new conflicts take place in the Orient: Greco-Turkish War of 1897, First Italo-Ethiopian War in 1896 (the only African nation to successfully resist European colonialism);

– the competition between France and England as colonialist countries almost took them to war in 1898 with the operation Fashoda.

8.    1861 – 1881, 18 Virgo – first conjunction  on 21 October 1861

– Germany is born under this cycle
– free exchange is dominating in Europe

a)    First conjunction (1861 – 1862) – Jupiter conjunct Saturn in Virgo

Victor Emanuel II became in 1861 the first king of a united Italy since the 6th century
– in France is adopted a liberal constitution (1861)
– in Russia, the reform of 1861, amounted to the liquidation of serf dependence

b)    First square (1866 – 1867) – Jupiter in Aquarius square Saturn in Scorpio

c)    Opposition (1870 – 1872) – Jupiter in Gemini (Cancer) opposes Saturn in Sagittarius (Capricorn)

the Franco-German War, a conflict between the Second French Empire and the Kingdom of Prussia, ended with a clear victory for Prussia and brought the final unification of Germany (1871) under King Wilhelm I of Prussia.

d)    Second square (1875 – 1877) – Jupiter in Scorpio (Sagittarius) square Saturn in Aquarius (Pisces)


9.    1842 – 1861, 9 Capricorn – first conjunction  on 26 January 1842

– victory for liberalism

a)    First conjunction (1841 – 1842) – Jupiter conjunct Saturn in Capricorn

liberalism begins to develop in Europe starting from England with Treaty of London (1841), convention of Detroit (1841) and the beginning of free exchange (1842)
– national movements take place in Italy (1839), the small German states, Poland (1842), Austria (1843)

b)    First square (1845 – 1847) – Jupiter in Taurus (Gemini) square Saturn in Aquarius (Pisces)

c)    Opposition (1850 – 1852) – Jupiter in Libra (Scorpio) opposes Saturn in Aries (Taurus)

Europe is transformed as in many areas the national cause is supported: Napoleon III came in France (1851), Victor Emanuel II in Italy (1849), the small German states reunification issue appear as Austria and Prussia trying to dominate them

d)    Second square (1856 – 1857) – Jupiter in Pisces (Aries) square Saturn in Gemini (Cancer)

–    a treaty of commerce is signed in 1860 between France and England, also other commercial treaties are signed, the free exchange will dominate Europe for the next cycle

10.    1821 – 1842, 25 Aries – first conjunction  on 19 June 1821

– from The Holy Alliance to liberalism

a)    First conjunction (1821 – 1822) – Jupiter conjunct Saturn in Aries

the influence of The Holy Alliance, a bastion against democracy, revolution, and secularism, was predominant in Europe;

– The Congress of Troppau (1820), Laibach (1821) and Verona (1822) were organised in that period;
– at the semisquare aspect, in 1824, The Holy Alliance must accept a defeat when Unites States approve The Monroe Doctrine (1823) and the new states from Latin America must be recognised as independent;
– sextile (1824 – 1825), Charles X became King of France

b)    First square (1825 – 1827) – Jupiter in Virgo (Libra) square Saturn in Gemini (Cancer)

appear the first crises with the forces which oppose to the established order

c)    Opposition (1831 – 1833) – Jupiter in Aquarius (Pisces) opposes Saturn in Leo (Virgo)

the opposition of 1831 – 1832 is difficult to distinguish from the conjunctions of Jupiter – Neptune and Jupiter – Uranus from 1830 – 1831. It is a period marked by liberalism and movements of independence: the revolutionary wave of 1830 – 1831, the independence of Belgium (1831), the autonomy of Serbia (1830), defeats for the old regimes in Portugal, Spain Switzerland

d)    Second square (1836 – 1837) – Jupiter in Cancer (Leo) square Saturn in Libra (Scorpio) 

11.    1802 – 1821,  5 Virgo – first conjunction  on 18 July 1802

– from Napoleon to The Holy Alliance
– 4 cycles starts from 1802 to 1805: Jupiter – Saturn, Jupiter – Uranus, Jupiter – Neptune and Saturn – Uranus, so in this period it is hard to distinguish the predominant influence of one cycle

a)    First conjunction (1801 – 1802) – Jupiter conjunct Saturn in Virgo (Leo)

Napoleon starts to impose a political order (1802) which will show his maximum power (after that a quick fall) in a period of 3 years at the half of the cycles: oppositions Jupiter – Neptune and Jupiter – Uranus in 1810 – 1811, opposition Jupiter – Saturn in 1811 – 1812.  

b)    First square (1807 – 1808) – Jupiter in Aquarius square Saturn in Scorpio 

c)    Opposition (1811 – 1812) – Jupiter in Gemini (Cancer) opposes Saturn in Sagittarius (Capricorn)

d)    Second square (1815 – 1817) – Jupiter in Scorpio (Sagittarius) square Saturn in Aquarius (Pisces)

after the fall of Napoleon, The Holy Alliance was created in 1815 by United Kingdom, Russia, Austria and Prussia to conserve the old system and prevent revolutionary movements.